Joseline Hernandez Credits Herself for LHHATL Success, Mocks ‘Talents’ of Other Cast Members

Photo Credit: OK! TV
Photo Credit: OK! TV

By: Taren Vaughan

Joseline Hernandez is back for another season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. And she is still very caught up in the infamous love triangle that she was apart of on season one of the show as things went from strictly business between her and Stevie J. to much more than that to Mimi Faust’s displeasure. This time around, Mimi found herself a new man but that hasn’t stopped Stevie and Joseline from arguing about her or Stevie from buying Mimi gifts. Though her and Stevie’s romance has been inconsistent, Joseline has been able to make her dreams come true as she is getting the chance to get a music career going for herself and says that her time on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, along with Stevie’s help, has a lot to do with it. Speaking with OK! TV, Joseline Hernandez talked about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and says that being on the show has helped her out tremendously when it comes to her career as artists nowadays have trouble selling records the good old fashion way:

“I love Love & Hip Hop Atlanta because it’s like I’m getting, the fans have seen me growing as an artist, growing a woman, as a person and I’m talented. A lot of artists nowadays, they don’t make money out of music. They not selling any records. So for me to have the television space and my music and everything else that I do, that’s a great opportunity. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Joseline, like K. Michelle, has gotten into it with quite a few of her cast mates but says that the only way she pops off on people is if they come for her first:

“I would say I don’t have a problem with anybody until they bring me some problems. And then I’m gonna send it back to you. But as far as like having a problem with the girls, I’m not trippin’ on them ’cause they don’t do what I do. What I do is what I do and I don’t know what the h*ll they do. The only one that got any talent is K. Michelle. The other girls, they don’t do anything. So you know, I’m not paying attention, I don’t look at what nobody else does. I’m working on me, my craft, my music, myself growing.”

Joseline says that before she got on LHHATL, she was a confident person but being on the show made her see that she wasn’t as confident as she thought she was:

“I’m starting to get my confidence the older that I get and I’m 26. And I thought I was so confidence before, but when I got on TV, I realized how unconfidence I really are, like every other woman. And everyday, I just get better and better. And it takes me back to like ‘B*tch, you’re beautiful’. And woman needs to realize that we have to embrace what he have, embrace the negativity and just work hard. And not pay attention to the comments or the haters.”

When it comes to being perfect, Joseline says she is far from that but is perfectly fine with that as nobody is perfect:

“I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to be perfect. I work on being better. I don’t work on being perfect. So I go back and say ‘Ooh, ooh, ohh, I can’t believe you did that on TV Joseline.’ Nah. I think that’s one of the reasons why people love me so much because I really don’t care. And when I say I don’t care, I don’t care about how people think I am ’cause I know what I am. So if I slap somebody on TV ’cause somebody pissed me off, I’m not the first one, won’t be the last. ‘It was a mistake, I’m sorry, let’s forgive each other, I love you, you love me back, let’s keep it pushing.’ Life is about growing and learning. And we all make mistakes, we all human, even though I think I’m an alien. I think I have so much talent. ‘How could you be so fine, so beautiful and have all this talent girl?’ I think I’m an alien sometimes but other than that, you know, we all the same people.”

As far as her relationship with Stevie J. is concerned, she says:

“Of course everybody knows that Stevie and I have a personal relationship and a business relationship. And I just think we’re trying to get better at both of them. The business, I think we got it down pat because the career is going great. We have a lot of deals and contracts and we making a lot of money as far as that goes. Personal, we’re working on it because I’ve only known him for a year and five months and he’s been in this industry for so many years, 20 years. It’s a lot of ladies that are beautiful that look like myself that come around and swing through and you know, wanna be with him or want to do whatever with him, wanna use him, whatever you wanna call it.”

Yet Joseline says that if she had one, Stevie J. would be her dream man:

“I think that if I had a dream man, it would be Stevie as far as like career and everything as long as he get his beefcake under control.”

And on why people should watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline says:

“I think people should watch Love & Hip Hop because it’s things that people go through daily. We have a lot of different characters with a lot of different lifestyles and a lot of different things that we do. It’s somebody for everybody. A lot of people can relate to me, a lot of people can relate to K. Michelle. Even the other ladies, even though they ain’t got no talent but they can relate to they a*s too. And it’s fun, a lot of people could learn from me on the show is that she’s gonna get it done. Everybody knows Joseline Hernandez, no matter what happens with Stevie or anybody else, she’s gonna get her business done. So I think it’s fun, it’s poppin’, it’s messy. It’s like a soap opera but reality. And we got the number one show in America. That’s huge. And I would like to think I have something to do with it.”


  1. You know, I’ll never understand why reality stars confuse being entertaining on a reality show with having actual talent. It doesn’t take much to entertain people if you’re willing to act a fool on TV. But I digress.

  2. Delusional much? The only thing true is the part about her having something to do with the show being a success. But she isn’t talented. Not by a long shot.

  3. Enjoy your fame and money now Joseline because every reality show has a short shelf life…for all we know, next season could be her last.

  4. I’m anxious to see when LHHATL fades out if she will be as popular. Then we will see her real star potential. LHHATL is hot right now so everybody a part of LHHATL is hot.

  5. There is, alot of no talent people, in mainstream, and they find a way to stay current. Joseline, just ! might find a way to stretch her 15 minute . I hope she do. If girlfriend has to go back to stripping , I hope she own’s the strip club ………Stop hating

  6. She’s entertaining on the show. I don’t wish ill on anyone’s success, but I really don’t see her music career taking off the way she thinks it will.

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