Gabrielle Union Shades Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife on Instagram

Photo Credit: @gabunion Instagram
Photo Credit: @gabunion Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade ex wife beef continues? It is no secret that NBA star Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s marriage ended in a very ugly way as Siohvaughn has continued to make her voice heard to the media as she has called D-Wade out on a number of occasions in the interviews that she has done, claiming that Dwyane is doing everything in his power to keep her away from their two sons. While Siohvaughn doesn’t seem to turn away from the chance to blast her ex-husband, the two looked to have called a truce for Mother’s Day as Siohvaughn got to spend the holiday with the boys.

And as things may be on the verge of getting better between D-Wade and his ex-wife, fingers still point towards his current girlfriend Gabrielle Union as the person responsible for wrecking their marriage, though Gabrielle has tried her hardest to rid herself of the “home wrecker” label that keeps following her around as she claims she did not break up Dwyane and Siohvaughn’s marriage. Covering Jet Magazine, Dwyane Wade spoke in his interview with the publication about his past marriage to Siohvaughn and openly admitted that he was probably not the best husband to her while they were together.

To show her man love and throw his ex-wife shade all in one swoop, Gabrielle Union took to her Instagram account and posted an altered photo of D-Wade’s Jet cover, making her own changes to it by crossing out “The Ex-Wife” and replacing it with “Happy,” sending Siohvaughn a clear message about how happy D-Wade was with her and adding a caption to go along with the picture:

“I like this dude… My lil #JetBeautyOfTheWeek #proud”

gabrielle union and dwyane wade ex wife




    1. Ditto. She needs to stay in her lane and let D Wade and his ex sort at their issues. She is the mother of his kids. They will grow up and hate Gabby for how she treated their mother…that’s if they even stay together.

    2. If anyone should be commenting on his ex it should be him not GU. It appears that she is feeling rather cocky, which could quickly turn into depression when dealing with a professional athlete. They have been dating long enough to marry and unless and until that happens she should play it cool and respectful. However, she is no home wrecker as Wade is responsible for wrecking his marriage and if not GU it would have been some other woman. Society always places the responsibility on the back of women but refuses to place any responsibility on selfish no good men who are never satisfied.

      1. The home-wrecking goes both ways. It’s D-Wade & GU’s fault. He couldn’t be faithful & she couldn’t leave a married man to deal with his personal issues with his wife but instead got involved with him before the divorce papers were even finalized.
        So yeah, the home-wrecking is both their faults.

        I loved GU but when this whole thing happen; I lost a lot of respect for her. What she needs to do is stay out of DWade & his ex’s business. It’s their problem & GU should just play the pretty gf & shut up.

  1. Aww look at home wrecker trying to throw some shade. Too bad her man isn’t faithful to her either #karma

  2. Is she serious? This is why I’m not a fan anymore. She is such a b-tch to this woman when the situation has nothing to do with her. Stay in your lane Gabby and learn how to act! Damn, she plays the same damn character in every movie she does. No range whatsoever.

  3. Gabrielle is part of the problem right when they are trying to be cordial for the she pulls this crap. Karma is a b-tch.She thinks she is so irreplaceable we shall see.

    1. Agreed. She’s so immature and arrogant. And I don’t get why she’s arrogant when she has no talent. She’s a terrible actress.

  4. I really can’t stand this chick. And it’s sad because I used to like her. She really thinks D Wade is above sh-tting on her like he did his ex wife but that’s not true at all. Any man that can treat the mother of his kids like sh-t and she was the one that held him down when he was nothing is a piece of sh-t and capable of doing some real dirt. Good luck with that Gabs.

  5. If only Gabby would put as much time into her acting “skills” as she does shading this woman, just maybe she’d be a decent actress. And she wonders why she lost out to Olivia Pope to Kerry. This is why.

  6. The funny thing is Sioh won’t even talk about her anymore in interviews. When they bring up Gabby, she says I don’t want to talk about Ms. Union. So who’s the bitter/angry/childish one again D Wade?

  7. Oh no this watered down actress didn’t! She needs to be checked ASAP. This was not cool.

  8. And her fans wonder why she gets dragged so badly on the blogs. This right here is why. Her day is coming.

  9. Very tacky. She needs to stay out of the drama going on between D Wade and his ex. It doesn’t involve her past the fact that she spread her legs for him while he was still married. You caused some of the drama, now go sit down somewhere.

  10. Has anyone seen this chick without all the makeup? She looks like Oprah in The Colored Purple. Totally overrated.

    1. Right! He posted a picture not too long ago and she was in bed with no makeup! Not cute! Yet, she’s so full of herself. Makeup has these chicks cocky!

  11. This is so immature. There is no reason to do things like this. She needs to sit down and stay in her place. When a marriage ends, have some respect for the ex and the mother of your man’s kids. She has a lot of growing up to do. For someone who tweets positivity and motivational quotes all day, you’d think she’d be a better person than this. Smh.

  12. Can’t stand this broad anymore. Uncalled for and absolutely petty as hell. Leave that damn woman alone Gabby.

  13. As much as Gabrielle keeps tweeting and shading this woman, you would think she was her ex. Sit down you slutty heffa.

  14. No one really knows but D Wade and his ex what happened in that marriage. With that being said, Gabby needs to stop doing these things. She has no authority to talk.

  15. You all kills me. Always looking to take something gabby says out of context. She typed what he said he was since divorce, Happy. Please sio opened the door when she sought to sue gabby for what SHE F@@@ up. She had to get kids on mothers day. Stay tuned she will be in media again. Kids also will see all the crap their mother do to. Good actress or not, gabby getting paid and as everything else, whatever GOD has in store for dwade and gabby it will be for them. Ever wonder why Sio is getting dealt with Karma all the while her ex is living HAPPY WITH SONS AND WOMAN..

    1. You are absolutely right! Sio is now in law school and Gabby will never be an A-lister .. Karma is definitely at work 🙂

  16. She sucks. That’s why she’s never gotten any major roles. And wasn’t she just saying several months ago how she’s not making a lot of money anymore because her rep is so bad? Lol, oh yes, her life is perfect and were all jealous. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Shout out to the ONE Gabby fan on here that’s not smart enough to catch on to shade. God bless you.

  18. F-ck D Wade and Gabby Union. Just because they “look happy” means nothing. He looked happy when he was with his wife too. And we saw how that turned out. I will not ever disrespect a wife for someone who is known to be a damn industry jumpoff. Who you stan for says a lot about you! I hate trifling a-s females and they all stick together!

  19. I LOVE Gabby but I won’t lie…this was pretty childish. And yes, it was shade. Why cross out the ex wife? She was trying to be spiteful and for that alone, I’m disappointed. If you got the man, have the man and be happy. This makes me think she isn’t all that happy. Happy people don’t have time to throw shade. I expect this from his ex wife, not her.

  20. She is such a hater Savannah girl watch your back she is not your girl she wants that life so bad she will do anything to get it

  21. Why do any of you care??
    Mind your own business! !
    If D – Wade we’re messing with you instead of GU, people will say the same things about you..
    Get your world!

  22. Wade married his high school girlfriend Siohvaughn Funches in 2002. He filed for a divorce in 2007, which was granted in 2010 after a lengthy and acrimonious court battle.[106] In 2011, Wade was granted sole custody of his two sons with Funches,[107]Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade (born February 4, 2002) and Zion Malachi Airamis Wade (born May 29, 2007).[108] Wade also raises a nephew, Dahveon (born 2002), who is the son of Wade’s sister Deanna.[109][110] Wade began dating actress Gabrielle Union in 2009.[111][112] According to Wade, he and Union briefly split up at some point early in 2013 due to career demands.[110] During that time, Wade and longtime friend Aja Metoyer conceived a son, Xavier Zechariah Wade (born November 10, 2013).[113][114] Wade and Union became engaged in December 2013,[115] and married on August 30, 2014 in

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