Trailer: Toya Wright & Memphitz Preview Their New Reality Show

Photo Credit: Vimeo
Photo Credit: Vimeo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Toya and Memphitz’s reality show is still in the works. Toya Wright and her husband Memphitz started off being pretty much adored by everyone when they confirmed their romance and eventually got married in what looked like a very fairytale like wedding, but the couple’s life was thrown into controversy quickly when “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle made accusations suggesting Memphitz abused her when they were dating. In fact, she claimed on season one of the show that he even blacklisted her and left her music career in shambles. As a result of the accusations made, K. Michelle’s on-screen relationship with Rasheeda crumbled quickly and it’s a big part of the reason why both can’t stand each other and have nearly come to blows a couple of times. Regardless, K. Michelle is still standing by her story, and Memphitz filed a lawsuit against her, Mona Scott Young and VH1. While some sites reported recently he dropped the suit, court records showed he simply withdrew the suit to file it in another court. As a result of the pending litigation, K. Michelle and the rest of the cast can’t even mention her ex’s name in interviews or on the show.

Regardless of the lawsuit, Memphitz and Toya are pressing forward from the controversy with K. Michelle and they are attempting to get their own reality show on the small screen. They have already shot some footage and are in the process of shopping the show around. No news of yet if any network has picked it up, but they did release a trailer for it. “Toya and Memphiz: Crazy in Love” appears to be pretty much just a reality show that follows the lives of Memphitz and Toya as they take on their separate business endeavors and attempt to keep their marriage in a good place.

Memphitz did mention K. Michelle in the later part of the trailer, and simply called her “crazy” and claimed her career didn’t take off because she “would never listen.” He also denied abusing her in the clip.

Check it out below. Will you be watching if it gets picked up?


  1. Sigh…no I will not be watching. I couldn’t even get through the first two minutes. They need to sit down somewhere and leave reality TV alone. It will ruin their marriage guaranteed.

  2. So they haven’t learned from all the couples who got divorced right after doing a reality show together?

  3. The more he keeps saying he didn’t beat K. Michelle and she’s just “crazy,” the more I believe her. Carry on.

  4. This might backfire on them because I wouldn’t want ANY possible evidence for K. Michelle to use against us…As soon as he comes off as controlling or loses his temper with Toya, that will add fuel to the FIRE & the DRAMA will start SMH

  5. This looks boring. The only way a reality show makes it is with some controversy. Are they willing to risk their marriage for ratings? They need to think long and hard on that one.

  6. I’m going to keep it real nobody wants to see lil Wayne baby mama and a her husband it’s not interesting. This little pilot looks low budget anyways.

  7. I doubt this show is ever going to see the light of day on a network. And that would be for the best. Their marriage couldn’t take it. I still think Memphitz abused K. too.

  8. No one wants to see these two on TV. It was terrible enough the last time. They need to go away and be married away from the cameras.

  9. Why is he lying? He knows he hit that girl. K. Michelle hasn’t been caught in many lies since doing LHH. She’s one of the realest people on the show. He needs to tell the truth and shame the devil.

    1. She bout hit him first. You see she like to pick up things…Karlie, Rasheeda and MiMi(this hasnt aired just yet)

    1. I was thinking the same thing, lmao. I think it’s a Reel to pitch to networks though. Both are boring and I don’t see anyone picking this show up especially since the domestic abuse in all. It will only get worse if he say the wrong thing and K. Michelle start pulling out evidence.

  10. I haven’t really liked Toya since the K. Michelle thing. She’s a baby momma who got lucky and ended up with someone she could use to get a reality show. She’s not someone I would want to see on TV every week. And her husband looks like a leech. He’s always shopping around reality shows. What happened to the last one he was trying to get on about hoes in ATL? He bothers me.

  11. Toya, you need to ratchet it up to make to the networks these days and get folks to watch. Ya’ll need to be fighting and cursing and scripted. Also, hubby gonna need a mistress, otherwise your boring. How rare these days we get shows like TI & Tiny and even then they gotta throw in a little “ghetto” with that hair dresser. Its sad

  12. Some of these females be thinking that they winning with these used up ni$$gas…I don’t know what happen but I choose to believe that man is shady..and as for Toya, I like her, but I would rather see her doing something to bring out her talants…fashion/whatevz. than staying relevant as a rappers baby momma/ being in reality shows. I think she is such a beautiful young lady and need to hook up with the right people and start to expand her career..Or maybe she’s content with what she’s doing. wteva..

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