Irony: NFL Star Could Be Charged with Perjury for Suing Ex Fiancee for Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: Instagram/Twitter/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Twitter/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It goes without saying that professional athletes have some of the most messiest personal lives we’ve ever seen. When some of them aren’t buying houses they plan to just use to cheat on their wives and girlfriends, they are also maneuvering a way to have their mistresses and wives attend the same games by having them sit at opposite sides of the stadium and football field. But one of the most craziest stories as of late has to be Mario Williams, the NFL player (Buffalo Bills) who we reported recently made headlines for suing his ex fiancée in an attempt to get the engagement ring back. According to reports, he is suing because she just plain out refuses to return the ring. But recent reports now suggest things have gotten even nastier and thanks to a series of text messages allegedly from Mario Williams to his ex, he could possibly be charged with perjury. Ultimate Texans reports:

The attorney representing Mario Williams’ former fiancée asked a Houston judge Friday to dismiss Williams’ lawsuit seeking the return of a 10.04-carat engagement ring and to instruct Harris County prospectors to investigate Williams for perjury.

A hearing is scheduled for next Friday before state District Judge Larry Weiman to hear attorney Anthony Buzbee’s most recent challenge to Williams, the former Texans defensive lineman who filed suit earlier this month against Erin Marzouki of Houston.

Buzbee’s new petition is accompanied by another round of text messages between the estranged couple and by the attorney’s assertion Williams has committed perjury in his comments about Marzouki.


The site goes on to say in the text messages, Mario repeatedly tells his ex to keep the ring and he still thinks she’s a good person:

…The latest round of text messages includes messages in which Williams wrote, “Keep those material things. It means nothing to me anymore: and “I said keep it” and “KEEP IT! Remember me by it.” In another series of messages, Williams is said to have written, “She said she was going to keep the ring n told her fine. I put down using material things as leverage long ago. She is free to be n do as she wants.”

Also introduced as an exhibit with the motion was a March 4 e-mail in which Williams wrote that he wanted to repair his relationship with Marzouki and said, “I just want to verbally discuss and answer things knowing you have closed the door, I still can’t say one thing bad about you that sticks.”

Williams last week said messages made public by Marzouki’s attorney had been taken out of context.


  1. Williams might have to take the L on this one.She is out for blood and don’t care what she have to do to make sure she can keep that ring. If she is willing to go this far she never really cared about him.

  2. LOL. When will these black athletes learn that these Becky’s do not play games? You better be ready to go to war when you break things off with one of them. LOL.

    1. LOL right! Becky’s do not play that! He broke up with her and thought she would hand that ring back over. Not!

  3. Why is she fighting so hard to keep a ring? Was that all it was about? Materialistic things? My goodness she sounds like a gold digging b-tch. A real woman would have just given the ring back already.

    1. Cosign!!!! I don’t know that many women that would go that hard for a damn engagement ring from a man that doesn’t want to marry you anymore.

  4. This is so sad. I mean two grown people fighting over a ring. If I was his lawyer, I’d tell him to just let her have it.

  5. I honestly see two hurt people using a ring as an excuse to get even with one another. It obviously didn’t work out and both are upset abut that. Sad it had to come to this but they need to let it go.

  6. I honestly don’t feel bad for this man. Most of these athletes put these white/non black women on pedestals like they are so much better than black women and oh, they aren’t gold diggers. But then they eventually see a crooked woman isn’t limited to one race. But it’s always too late then isn’t it?

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