Former Cash Money Artist Claims Baby & Lil Wayne Kiss Every Day

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne kissing Birdman caused a lot of controversy. When Lil Wayne isn’t rapping controversial lyrics that could up causing him millions in endorsement deals, he joins the ranks of other rappers who get continuous questions regarding their sexuality. The Cash Money rapper and Young Money founder may get lots of women and have four baby mommas but that doesn’t keep some people from speculating about his sexuality. In fact, Weezy may have fueled the speculation further when he was snapped in a photo kissing Baby (the same man he calls his dad) on the lips. When the backlash popped off, both claimed it was innocent and they do it all the time because they consider themselves to be father and son. That didn’t fly with everyone though and even now some people have come up with their own conspiracy theories involving these two. But now a former artist of Cash Money Records is claiming that although it happened quite often, he doesn’t believe anything scandalous popped off between Lil Wayne and Baby. TQ tells KFYB of UGS Radio:

“I never understood it. I asked for an explanation and they gave me an explanation and as a man, as part of my clique, had to respect the explanation. People don’t understand, them dudes did that sh*t every day. They consider themselves Father and Son. We constantly use to get into that and I told them when we in public and cameras were under they are not gonna understand that sh*t and them n*ggas didn’t care. It was constantly happening every day!

“…we had mad conversations about that. That was a constant struggle and they never gave a f*ck about my opinion about it. I have never seen homosexual tendencies from them cats! I think it’s weird, but I don’t think there was no homosexual sh*t involved!”



  1. I’m sorry, a grown man shouldn’t be kissing another grown man on the lips. These two get the side eye from me still.

  2. I don’t care what anyone says. This is pretty homo behavior. It’s pretty sad that Hip Hop has come to the point now where questionable antics our downplayed because people don’t want to start any trouble. He knows it’s gay but he doesn’t want to be blacklisted.

  3. Does anybody on here watch the Boondocks? I’m pretty sure that episode when Gangstalicious kissed another rapper was about Weezy and Baby. LOL!

  4. BS. It was something that he even admitted he questioned and made him feel uncomfortable. I’m sure he still thinks it was suspect but he doesn’t want any beef with YMCMB.

  5. I guess he didn’t want to piss off Weezy and Baby but yeah, this ish is gay as hell. This is what happens when these little thugs grow up in the ghetto without fathers.

  6. Well you just never know these days, Terrance Dean wrote a book about The Down-Low in HipHop and if you read it he may not say no names but if you put two and two together you can guess a lot of those cats he’s talking about.

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