Former ‘Hot Boys’ Member Turk Calls out Lil Wayne for Substance Abuse

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a Lil Wayne and Turk beef? Rapper Lil Wayne may be causing controversy with his lyrics and losing his endorsement deals because he refuses to change who he is as an artist, but the Young Money founder has changed quite a bit in the eyes of some of his former “Hot Boys” group members. In fact, Turk is speaking out against the young rapper and he claims he feels like Wayne isn’t even the same person anymore.  He also seems to think substance abuse is the cause of some of his outlandish lyrics and behavior. And that’s because Turk thinks he’s addicted to drugs, an opinion many have had since the rapper continues to have bouts with hospital visits as a result of frequent seizures. Although Wayne and Baby claim the seizures are just a result of epilepsy, many suspect they are a result of his addiction to drinking syrup.

In a recent interview with G14 Radio, Turk puts it all on the table. He says:

“I used to be in a circle where I was caught up with some drugs. I used to do h*roin and c*caine, I used to shoot h*roin and c*caine like an old n*gga. When I was 15, 16 years-old, couldn’t nobody tell me nothing. The only thing I can say on that situation is when you under the influence of anything that’s altering your mind, anything out loud will come out your mouth. … It’s those drugs that’s overpowering you, it’s those spirits overpowering you. Wayne like a little brother to me and I know that’s not Wayne. When I see certain pictures of him, I know that’s not Wayne. When I see Wayne, I see the Lil Wayne when we used to be in the Holiday Inn doing things together, battling in the studio — that’s the Wayne I see. … I’d rather not talk about the Wayne that’s happening today because I don’t know that Wayne. I can’t speak on that Wayne. I was gone the whole time.”


Turk also claimed in the interview that he is on good terms with Weezy (he also says the rapper sent him money while he was in prison) but he is concerned Lil Wayne not taking care of himself.


  1. Turk said the truth. Lil Wayne doesn’t have real friends or people around him anymore. All he has is enablers looking for hand outs. And he’ll give them that as long as they keep being yes men. Had he still had Juvie and all them around him I don’t think he’d be the little queen he is today.

    1. Exactly! His group was not scared of him and they won’t kiss his a-s. He’s become nothing but a disgrace.

  2. Yes men will screw anyone up. And that’s all Lil Wayne surrounds himself with. You mean to tell me no one told him those Emmett Till lyrics weren’t a good look? Yeah, he has the wrong people around him.

  3. He’s right. Success can get to a lot of people’s heads. It’s to the point now where Lil Wayne thinks he can say and do whatever he wants with no repercussions. I’m sure he was blown away by the Till family situation. He didn’t think it would end the way it did.

  4. After the scare earlier this should have Lil Wayne should be thinking differently about his own health. Your body should always be the temple only give one life.

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