Royce Reed’s Beef with Boyfriend’s Baby Mama Leads to a Police Report

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

The Royce Reed and Dezmon baby mama beef continues. Royce Reed may not be returning for another season of “Basketball Wives,” but the drama for the former reality TV star is far from over. Before she stepped off the BBW scene, Royce introduced viewers to the new man in her life, Washington Redskins wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe. Things started off good between Royce and Dezmon. But it didn’t take long at all for their relationship to fall apart. Royce confirmed their break-up after Dezmon’s secret affair with his baby mama came to light. Though their relationship ended on a bad note, Royce and Dezmon decided to give things another try. Royce and Dezmon’s off and on romance clearly doesn’t sit well with his baby’s mother. And ever since Dez’s baby mama put him on blast for sleeping with her while he was still with Royce, the beef hasn’t died down.

Christina Nero, the mother of Dezmon’s child, offered one of her followers some advice about a situation that they were going through. Royce caught wind of Christina’s comments and she took to her Twitter account and fired off a subtweet:

royce reed and dezmon baby mama beef

Christina had some words for Royce and her subtweet:

royce reed and dezmon baby mama beef

The next day, Royce took to her account again and posted a tweet suggesting that her beef with Christina has gotten pretty serious as Royce made mentions of a police report:

royce reed and dezmon baby mama beef

While we’re not sure exactly what situation Royce was referring to with the tweet, there was no questioning the comment she made about her fight with Evelyn Lozada (Read from top to bottom):

royce reed and dezmon baby mama beef




  1. Where has Royce been? I haven’t seen her since she was involved with K. Michelle skipping out of a show in Tampa.

  2. I don’t understand why Royce is still entertaining Dez. I mean he’s already shown her what he’s about. Let it go.

  3. I can’t deal with baby momma drama. I would have dipped out a long time ago. Good luck with that Royce.

  4. It’s hilarious this grown woman is still messing with this young athlete who has no sense whatsoever. Is she that desperate?

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