Royce Reed Goes off When People Call Her Son Gay

Photo Credit: @roycereed Instagram
Photo Credit: @roycereed Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Royce Reed may be done with “Basketball Wives” but her time on the reality show has pretty much secured her time in the spotlight for now. Besides her ongoing beef with her boyfriend Dezmon’s baby mama, she’s always running into some kind of drama on her social media accounts. The other day was no different, as another controversy popped off when she uploaded an innocent photo of her son doing splits and showing off his flexibility.

royce reed son

It didn’t take long for the negative comments to come either. In the comment section, some people suggested he was a hop and a skip away from being gay, while others just flat out said he already was. Here’s some of the comments:

royce reed son gay

royce reed son gay 2

royce reed son gay 3

It didn’t take long for Royce to peep some of the negative comments, and the former reality star decided to address the critics. While some people suggested her son Braylon is just mimicking what he sees his mom do because his father isn’t around as much, Royce made it clear that she doesn’t want to limit her son’s interests just because most of society isn’t as open-minded:

royce reed son gay 4

royce reed son gay 5

The photo prompted a pretty interesting debate and many of Royce’s supporters felt it’s pretty insane for anyone to think a child could end up becoming gay because of their interest in flexibility. Especially when so many athletes do stretch routines before practice and as a method to training. But what are your thoughts?


  1. People can be so cruel and calling this innocent child gay is ridiculous. But I will say this another case of living your entire life on these social media can come back to haunt you.

    1. Agreed. Some things we just can’t put out there. She shares too much. Same thing with her boyfriend and his baby momma drama. Take care of that offline.

  2. Wow. He’s a baby. He doesn’t even know what gay means right now. But my question is why on earth did she even post this and place him under all this scrutiny anyway?

  3. People are ignorant but Royce shouldn’t have even posted this. Sometimes you have to protect your kids.

  4. Wow! Kids do things like this. He’s just having fun. But I’ve always thought Royce was one of those people that shares too much on social media.

  5. Royce is an attention whore. She puts all of her business on Twitter/Instagram and she really shouldn’t. When you do, people will have their opinions and it’s not always positive.

  6. People just want to be politically correct. This looks gay and this is how it starts. He sees what his mom does and he wants to imitate it. Next he will be wearing her heels. Now some will call me ignorant but this is how it starts.

    1. And? Being gay is not the worst thing in the world to be. Had Dwight’s neglectful behind been in the picture more, this may not have even happened. Royce is not a private person. He is but he isn’t involved enough. That is the real issue.

      1. No your absolutely right! She posted this and got the attention she was looking for. Yes, the child is innocent but she knew what she was doing when she put it out there! She gets on my nerves, always has!


      1. You can call me ignorant. That doesn’t faze me. You’re calling me exactly what I figured you would. In fact, the term ignorant gets thrown around too much from you young, liberal people. I don’t even think 90% of you really know what it means.

        I’m a lot older than 21. I’m from the generation who says the truth, even when it makes people uncomfortable. I’ve seen a lot in my life, and I’m smart enough to know how this will most likely end if his dad doesn’t step in. The boy is imitating his mother because his dad isn’t around to idolize. I don’t care if what I say offends anyone. Your generation loves to look cool and be politically correct. It’s the “in thing” now. That’s why most of your kids are so screwed up.

        Oh well. Better yours than mine. Peace.

        1. This is exactly RIGHT. When a young male child is exposed to too much mommy and her female friends/family he will begin to immitate his environment (female) and eventually like what they like. Its an indication that theres a lack of male presence in this young boy’s life. I agree with the comments on this no matter how offensive people may think them to be.

      1. You’re talking tough behind your computer screen. That’s the equivalent to me being “Anonymous.”

        1. Batsh*t crazy……and yeah, I’m a lot older than 21 too. Someone does not become gay because their father is not around.

          1. So you’re an old fool versus a young one…that’s obvious since you gathered that I said a father not around equals homosexuality. Work on your comprehension skills computer thug.

          2. Grow up! You’re too old to be so rude Bobetta! Over 21 means you should know how to tastefully disagree!

          3. I’ve seen a lot in my life, and I’m smart enough to know how this will most likely end if his dad doesn’t step in. The boy is imitating his mother because his dad isn’t around to idolize..

            This looks gay and this is how it starts. He sees what his mom does and he wants to imitate it. Next he will be wearing her heels

            Your words not mine. I find it hysterical that you have insinuated that everyone who has disagreed with you doesn’t know what they are talking about, is talking tough behind their computer screen or is a computer thug. I have no problem putting my name beside any comment I make on here or anywhere else …… you appear to. Someone talking tough behind their computer screen and being a computer thug is what you’re doing (not anyone else) all under the guise of being anonymous. Your time would be better spent working on being a better person anonymous..Deuces.

          4. @Bobetta

            So you gathered from what you copied and pasted that I said he would end up gay. I actually said he would end up in her heels…which means he would end up effeminate. I never said he would end up gay.

            So sounds like to me you equate effeminate or a man wearing heels as being gay. Interesting considering you’re telling me not assume without merit. Doesn’t that make you ignorant then too tough talker?

            And yeah, you’re a computer thug. Notice how you felt the need to call me crazy because you couldn’t bring anything else to the discussion. Typical. But you’re over 21? I hope not.

          5. Bobetta…Then how come most gay black men grew up without fathers around? But continue with your naive liberalism and political correctness…I mean you gotta fit in, right?

      2. You are a perfect example of a naive woman! You are all ruining our race! Yall don’t know how to raise a man and it shows!

    3. Are you all serious? Why is it that people can’t have different opinions on here without the majority ganging up on the minority? All Anonymous did was express an opinion, isn’t that what this blog’s comment section is for?! And you love to call someone ignorant, but it’s ignorant to tear someone down for not agreeing with what YOU believe. No one knows the sole reasons people are gay. Some studies say it’s by birth, some say it’s due to one’s environment, and some say it’s because of things that happened to them as a kid. None of those studies could pinpoint an exact cause. You’re on here telling someone that this and that doesn’t make someone gay when science can’t even explain why people are gay! But you want to call someone else ignorant!

      It’s ignorant of you to call someone crazy because they think differently from you! Are you all God, your opinion outranks Anonymous’? Grow up.

      In the real world, people think for themselves and they don’t just go along with what’s popular to fit in. Be a thinker and stop criticizing people who don’t agree with you! It’s childish.

      There needs to be more dialogue with this and people need to let people who think differently talk without being attacked.

    4. You women are so stupid. You’ll do whatever and say whatever to be politically correct. Anonymous has it right. Your little boys grow up and end up feminine, and you wont’ understand why. Then he won’t know how to be a man and run the household. Idiots. Most of you single mothers are a joke just like Royce.

      1. Most single mothers are single mothers because the men are not man enough to stand up and be fathers to their children. Even in the cases when the mothers are being the difficult party the men could try as hard as possible to work partial custody out even if it takes court. At the end of the day it is the responsibility of both parents to make sure that children are equally taken care of by both parents & 9 times out of 10 it ends up on the backs of the mothers because we are the ones giving birth and are primarily taking on that responsibility. No one can force anyone to do anyhing they have no intention on doing and really the men have more power when it comes to raising their children hands on because when they fight in court it’s possible to be granted some kind of custodial rights but if a woman takes a man to court at best we will end up with $75 dollars a week child support order which does not enforce the men to be fathers. All we can do as single mothers is do the best we can and raise productive adults and if they have boys, do the best that they can to make sure they are men regardless of sexual preference. Regardless whether women are equipt raise boys to become men some of them have no choice but to do it and we put on our Timberlands and do the best we can. If the fathers are not involved and doing their job, who else is going to do it? One thing is for sure that sexual preference can not be determined by which parent raised them because from what I understand Magic Johnson was a hands on father and his son is openly gay and flamboyant at that. No one has a right to judge her on how she lives her life and how she raises her son because the outcome is hers and hers alone to have to deal with. My question is why is such an adult topic being placed on a child and why aren’t we as a people not looking at ourselves for being so harsh and negative about a child? Why are we so focused on what Royce does with her time and how much of her life she shares? You call her an attention whore but she sure has your attention lol. I see regular people on social media who put their whole lives online. Some friends I don’t even need to call because as soon as I log into Facebook or Instagram I know exactly what’s going on in their lives, who they are with, where they are and what the weather is like. It is beyond me that so many people follow every word of celebrities and then judge them like “why so stupid to put their lives out so openly?” Why read and subscribe and watch every little thing. I look at it all, I’m subscribed to pages and I read blogs.Not to judge people but to kinda get a glimpse at just how normal they really are. At the end of the day I don’t at all consume myself but if I did I would feel really hypocritical and pathetic to get so involved that now I am arguing over it. I never comment on blogs but I could not pass this because the comment that Daniel made was from a very biased & judgemental place and I felt the need to defend women and single mothers. Royce is not my motivation and her son should not even be a topic. He is an innocent child that could become confused just by all of your negative comments. “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, SAY NOTHING AT ALL!”

        1. Regarding this:

          “Most single mothers are single mothers because the men are not man enough to stand up and be fathers to their children. ”

          Lies… all lies.

    5. I totally agree with you, this looks like what punks love to do. I have never seen any little boys in my family doing a split (serious). A split like a female .No, go outside and get some grass in your head or scrape a knee. Woman who baby boys ,will see no harm in seeing them doing a split. Then this boy will grow up switching like the rest of the f-gs,saying he always felt like a girl .Nope your sucka azz mama did this to you.

  7. Some people are so ignorant. How does one equate stretching and flexibility to being gay? I can’t…

    1. I agree, do you know how many young children are put in gymnastics-in fact they start them at a very young age because it easier to train their body to be flexible. I don’t think it is as bad as people are making it out. I didn’t see anything wrong with posting this particular picture, however the response was just plain ignorant.

  8. This is kind of off topic but this is my beef with Royce. Her grown a-s acts like a teenager! She posts every thing about her life on the internet. She can’t even take her stupid beef with her man’s BM offline. She’s childish and annoying as hell!!!!

  9. Leave this woman’s child alone. Internet bullies are the most lame people on earth. If she wants her child into different things, more power to them. Our culture needs to do more things outside the box instead of always limiting ourselves in fear of being called gay, Uncle Tom, sellout, nerd, etc. Please don’t call out someone’s child. It’s the low of the low. If he’s gay, so what. If he’s straight, so what. Live your life, be the best you can be.

  10. The ironic thing is the boy’s father would never post a picture like this. What does that tell you? You women are so delusional it’s scary! Don’t complain anymore about black men not being real men! You’re the root of the problem!

    1. So you’re one of those huh? #AngryBlackMan LOL. It’s not that deep. None of it is. He’s being a kid and doing things little kids do. Royce needs to hop her azz off Instagram and Twitter though. But I promise yall this didn’t warrant all these comments, intense debates and arguments. This is Royce we’re talking about here…

    2. Daniel you are in the way! You say a lot of angry stuff about women. Are you suppressing anger to the fact that your mother didn’t hug you enough or women won’t sleep with you? Some woman must have done you wrong or maybe you feel like you can wear our stilletos better than we can? You have such a strong opinion about the stupidity of women, I don’t get it…..

    3. Bruh… what’s wrong with you? Stop the generalizing. It only serves to make you look like and idiot.

  11. I can’t help but shake my head at all the black women on here cosigning this and insinuating that a black boy growing up without a father isn’t a big deal. Keep destroying your own community.

    1. @ Dez, I don’t think we are cosigning that a boy being raised without his father is acceptable but when is it our choice to raise our sons alone? Men have to step in for their sons and daughters. We can use the excuse that women have children out of wedlock but plenty of men walk out of marriages and leave women to pick up the pieces, for example raising the children alone.

      1. I beg to differ. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. 70% of all divorces are initiated by women. Please restructure your argument.

  12. Smh. Royce should not have responded to this nonsense! The best response is no response. Right or Wrong…people are gonna talk. You can’t control what other people say or do, but you can control your reaction. That’s what count.

  13. First off I will say that for the people insinuating or calling Braylon Royce’s son gay just because he is doing a split is as ignorant as the days are long. A little boy doing a split does not make him gay and a little boy wearing his mother’s heels does not make him gay or effeminant. When children are young they don’t have a mindset of gender roles, but they will emulate a lot of what they see people around them doing. Children learn from what they see other’s doing. As the get older they will begin to develop their own characteristics and start gaining a sense of self. Some people have the wrong idea of what being a man or a woman is; puffing out your chest and acting hard does not a man make . Taking care of your responsibilities and becoming a productive person of your community is. Hell I have seen gay men who are more of a man than a straight one is. I agree with everything Royce said. This is the same stuff that Miguel was talking about a few weeks ago. Some of us are some of the most closed minded people there are. Children are like sponges they absorb everything, so if someone tells them one thing they will come to believe it until they form their own opinion or it will stick with them into their old age. Back before black people had any rights we were told that the only thing we could be was a n*gger, someone’s mammy (maid), and slaves, but because we knew we were better than that our forefathers fought for our freedom and the right to choose what we could become regardless of our race, creed, or color. In this day and age we have the freedom to be doctors, lawyers, profession athletes, chefs, teachers, gay, straight, or bi. That is our choice. Children should be free to creatively express themselves whether or not they are painting, writing. playing sports, or doing gymnastics. This goes for boys as well as girls. The reason we have so many children/people committing suicide is because of people not accepting them for who they are and being so close minded when they see something that they don’t consider acceptable. People always be like people need to be real, keep it 100, but when a person or child does keep it 100 and show their true selves they are ridiculed or shunned. This is why we have men on the down low afraid of coming out of the closet because of fear of rejection and ridicule from their peers and community, so instead of being honest with their loved ones, wives, and girlfriends they continue to sleep with both men and women upping their risk of passing on an STD to their wife or girlfriend. This is why we have people working in careers they don’t want to be in are miserable because they went with what someone else deemed acceptable. We have to do better. Royce’s child is already on the road to being well rounded because she encourages her child to be himself and do what makes him happy and she supports that. The best thing you can encourage anyone to do is to be themselves. At the end of this day this is a young child and regardless if his mother chooses to put his pictures online because she is proud of her son and in awe of him we shouldn’t bash him because he is innocent in all of this.

  14. Some people are IDIOTS, who bullies a freakin child!! Even if he turns out to be gay, who the hell cares! The only thing that remotely worries me about this pic is the fact that you can almost see up his shorts. Parents really need to examine the pic’s they post online of their children.

  15. When I saw those pics I said to myself, “Oh, he is an athlete!”

    To all of the ignorant people out there, just remember how “gay” he is when he’s a multimillionaire on Wheaties box covers and your grown kids are in jail!!!

    Karate, gymnastics, basketball, football, baseball, swimming, boxing…this kid can probably be a Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders type. No professional athlete will ever say that a boy doing the splits is a negative thing. In fact, I don’t know a single athlete who doesn’t wish they could do the splits.

    Lastly, what if he is gay…so what?!!! Lots of gay people are very successful.

  16. this boy is just too adorable and Royce you should be very proud of him and ignore uneducated people who find joy in insulting and braking kids down. They probably the ones that are gay and even if your son chooses to be gay in future that would be his right. These people are narrow minded fools. God bless you and your child may he be a respectable individual and achieve and be the best in what he will pursue.

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