Justice? Chad Johnson to be Released from Jail Today

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad Johnson released from jail? Chad Jonson’s legal troubles as a result of head butting ex-wife and “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada are far from over. Although the former NFL star did escape jail time for the assault, he was ordered to be on probation and undergo counseling for the incident. However, Chad’s made his legal problems even worse by not showing up to a scheduled appointment with his probation officer. As a result of missing the appointment, Chad was arrested, but he later said things went down because of “miscommunication.” Although he was just seconds away from walking away without jail time for missing the appointment, a slap on the butt of his attorney infuriated the judge and she sent him packing to a jail cell. Chad was supposed to serve 30 days, but his lawyer decided to appeal the judgment considering he feels it was just too harsh of a punishment considering Chad meant no harm by the butt slap.

According to reports, Chad just won big as he will be released from jail today. Gossip Extra reports:

Chad Johnson is to be released from the Broward County lockup sometime today after the judge who sent him away 30 days rescinded her order this morning.

Last week, Judge Kathleen McHugh stunned her courtroom and made national news when she sentenced Johnson away for 30 days after Johnson patted the butt of his lawyer during a hearing on his violation of probation.

McHugh, who is legally blind because of a genetic disease, became a target of criticism because it appears she went off on Johnson after those in the courtroom erupted in laughter.

She even caught the attention of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who said that the jail term was as much a reflection of McHugh’s temper as Johnson’s butt-patting.


Of course the judge didn’t let Chad off the hook without scolding him a little bit, as she called him out for his “disrespectful” behavior and even told him his head-butting of ex-wife Evelyn was “horrific.”


  1. Before I seen the video I thought he deserved to go to jail but once I seen the over reaction from the “legally blind” judge I thought it was ridiculous even though Chad put his self in that position the judge abused her authority I’m glad he is out of jail. And as far as the judge calling Chad horrific for head butting Evelyn has never seen basketball wives and seen Evelyn acting like a bat out of hell trying to fight eveybody.Ugh some world we live in SMH

  2. Has he learned nothing yet? I like Chad, I just think he’s pretty bad at making decisions. Like who the hell would married Evelyn? He should have known better.

  3. The judge was wrong. I’m glad he’s out. That trifling woman was just trying to get brownie points for reelection.

  4. See this is the positive thing about the internet. Had people not expressed outrage with the judge’s behavior, Chad would still be in jail and have to serve those 30 days. But the backlash got too loud and she had to do the right thing. I love it.

  5. Damn will Chad ever grow up??? Look at all the foolish choices he keeps making……Marrying Evelyn that was the worst, he need to get it together and stop taking everything for a joke! Even though I think the judge was toooooo harsh on him!!!!

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