Lil Wayne Addresses the American Flag Stomping Controversy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Lil Wayne is no stranger to backlash, and even though he lost his endorsement deal with Mountain Dew for a very controversial lyric about Civil Rights icon Emmett Till,it’s clear he’s still going to say things in his music that might open up the door for more problems. As we recently reported, the Young Money founder is currently under fire for appearing to dance, stomp, and walk all over the American flag during the shooting of his music video for his single, “God Bless Amerika.” After numerous people took to Twitter to express their outrage with the artist, it now appears the usually silent on controversies rapper might be attempting to clarify some things before he lands himself in more trouble. But as a recap, here’s what we reported about the scandal previously:

Lil Wayne recently shot the music video for his new song “God Bless Amerika,” and in the video after rapping in front of a giant American flag, the rapper than proceeds to step all over the stars and stripes once the flag is released to the ground.

The lyrics to the song have also caused some backlash. He raps:

My country ’tis of thee
Sweet land of kill ’em all and let’ em die
God Bless Amerika
This ole godless Amerika

Some people even took to Twitter to make their disgust known about Lil Wayne’s new video. Here are some tweets from outraged people:

Lil Wayne, you can go to h*ll for stomping all over the American flag. #GoF*ckYourself #YourMusicStillSucks

#lilwayne just another punk a*s who has zero talent disrespects our Flag to get noticed. If I ever see you coming my way ….u better run

Lil Wayne is a douchebag for stepping/jumping on the American flag.

Lil Wayne dancing on the American Flag, huh? Just adds more reasoning to why I hate him


Lil Wayne tweeted earlier this morning that it wasn’t what it looked like:

lil wayne twitter


  1. See how quickly he addressed that but it took him like how long to say anything about Emmett Till? Sell out.

  2. I knew he’d say something in no time when white people started dragging him. Pretty pathetic he doesn’t care that much about his own people though.

  3. So he’s just going to say it wasn’t on purpose when we saw him purposely dance on top of the flag? LOL.

  4. I see some of you already caught it too…he definitely wouldn’t have said a word about Emmett Till had the Mountain Dew deal not been in jeopardy. But he hopped on Twitter quickly when the white sites dragged him over the flag. It’s very telling that he values what THEY say about him than his own community that helped him get where he is today. I won’t buy another CD from this cockroach.

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