Royce Reed Puts Dwight Howard on Blast, Confirms New Baby

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Dwight Howard and girlfriend Christine Vest welcome baby boy? According to ex “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed, Dwight’s girlfriend recently gave birth to a baby boy. And to the shock of many, Royce had some very pleasant things to say about the news. The Royce Reed and Dwight Howard drama is no secret at all as the issues between the former reality TV star and the NBA baller have been publicized. And so has the shade Royce has thrown Dwight’s way over not spending quality time with their son Braylon. While she is normally caught putting someone in their place or subtweeting when she sees fit on Twitter, Royce congratulated Dwight and Christine on their new bundle of joy from her account, but did thrown in the fact that she doesn’t know what the baby looks like and says Dwight hasn’t seen their son in months (Read from bottom to top):

dwight howard and girlfriend christine vest welcome baby boy

dwight howard and girlfriend christine vest welcome baby boy

Along with her congratulatory message, Royce posted the photo below to her Instagram account:

dwight howard and girlfriend christine vest welcome baby boy

Royce even seems to think Dwight and his girlfriend will get married soon. And though people took her congratulatory message to Dwight and Christine as shade to the couple, Royce says she really wasn’t trying to be messy (Read from bottom to top):

dwight howard and girlfriend christine vest welcome baby boy

Knowing all the drama Dwight and Royce have gone through in the past, some of Royce’s followers felt her congrats wasn’t sincere and it was more of shade, while others knew exactly where she was coming from with what she tweeted (Read from top to bottom):

dwight howard and girlfriend christine vest welcome baby boy

Dwight Howard has yet to publicly acknowledge the birth of the baby. This is reportedly the NBA star’s sixth child.





    1. I agree completely. I like Royce but I know she is very messy. This was not out of kindness. She’s not on good terms with Dwight and hates that he keeps his ratchet life to himself, something she never bothered to learn how to do herself.

  1. That was shade. It is not her place to tell the world when Dwight has had another child. Royce really needs to grow up.

  2. 1. That was a classy thing for Royce to do.

    2. Dwight is doing a better job at populating the earth than he is playing on the basketball court.

  3. I must commend Royce for the classy comments about Dwight’s new child. That was a real classy and graceful thing to do.

  4. Oh Royce whatever. She knows exactly what she was doing. That’s why Dwight put that muzzle on her and she couldn’t even say his name on BBW.

  5. Dwight needs to be a better father. How are you a rich basketball player and haven’t seen your son since February? A damn shame.

    1. Well we know Dwight was never going to share the news. For all we know, he can probably fill an NBA roster with his kids.

  6. I thought Dwight was a big time born again Christian. So why is he spreading his paynus around like a heathen?

  7. Children are blessings when you are ready for them in my opinion, but I don’t think that you should keep having children when you don’t have the time to spend with the ones you already have. Even though you may pay child support ;there is nothing like spending quality time with your child/children. They will cherish that more than anything you could by them when they get older.

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