It’s On Now: Royce Reed Slams Chris Bosh’s Wife

royce reed and chris bosh wife
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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If anyone knows what it’s like to go up against a NBA star in the courts and how messy child custody issues can get, it would have to be former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed. Royce is still not on good terms with her son’s father and LA Lakers star Dwight Howard. Not only did Dwight Howard sue Royce and make it impossible for her to mention him at all on the reality show, but she has said on several occasions that the basketball player isn’t around enough for his son.

Currently, it appears Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is now yet another star athlete to get engulfed into nasty child support battles as it was reported by TMZ that he has now filed paperwork to get primary custody of his daughter, just days after it was confirmed by Gossip Extra that the baby’s mother, Allison Mathis, has decided to appeal the court’s decision to not increase her $2600 a month child support.

As some of you may know, Allison is actually very good friends with Royce Reed. So we can’t say we’re surprised Royce went off last night and went after Bosh’s wife Adrienne Bosh on Twitter. According to Royce, Adrienne seems to be the alleged main culprit in all of the drama going down between Chris and Allison.

Royce tweets (read from the bottom to the top):

royce reed adrienne bosh twitter


A fan of Chris Bosh’s tried to check Royce and asked her why she was even getting involved. That’s when Royce claimed these athletes are using the same attorneys to shut down their mother of their kids (read from top to bottom):

royce reed and adrienne bosh twitter 2


Apparently Royce got even more fed up when she realized she was all of a sudden getting attacked by “newly created” Twitter accounts. She sent a message out to Chris Bosh’s attorney, who also happens to be Dwight Howard’s attorney (read from bottom to top):

royce reed and adrienne bosh twitter 3


And just to make it clear why she’s decided to go off, Royce also claims there’s a lot of nasty things being done to Allison that aren’t being reported. For instance, she allegedly couldn’t even get her daughter on Mother’s Day and her birthday, although Bosh got her on Father’s Day:

royce reed and adrienne bosh twitter 4


Royce goes on to say she is tweeting because she had enough and she has now decided to fight against Dwight Howard and the Chris Bosh camp for the alleged backhanded things they have done to Allison and herself. One thing in particular is allegedly blocking her from joining “Basketball Wives” with Royce, apparently something she thought would help her get more financial independence from Bosh. When a Bosh fan told her to be more classy like Adrienne and stop the Twitter bashings, Royce simply said Adrienne’s motto is “Throw the rock, hide your hand.”

Now this is messy.


  1. Wow. Man, this is why I can’t sit up here and just fault the baby mama. I think both Chris and Allison are responsible for why things have gotten nasty. Again, the best solution is for them to settle their issues like mature adults. But at the end of the day, we don’t know all of the details. Only Chris and Allison do.

  2. Yeah, that’s why I’m Team Allison. If you’ve never went up a wealthy and famous man in court, don’t speak negatively about these women. I don’t think people understand the power Chris Bosh, D Wade and Usher have. Yes, judges can be paid off. That’s why Usher will have to go back to court because his judge is being investigated for playing dirty.

  3. LOL Royce just spilled all of the damn tea. She gives no f-cks. I don’t blame her. Allison is trying to go up against the Bosh machine and they are trying to demolish her. Had Bosh just let her do BBW, we wouldn’t be talking about child support now. He’s letting his bum and groupie a-s wife tell him what to do. Adrienne ain’t sh-t. Lil Wayne just confirmed that a couple of months ago.

  4. I never bought into the whole “Chris Bosh is just trying to see his daughter more” lie. It’s been documented by by the courts that he sees her plenty. He just couldn’t get approval for her to go out the country those TWO times. LOL.

  5. Like I said, me and Allison are in the same circles. Do NOT judge this woman unless you know the whole story. There’s so much going on that she hasn’t even said to media yet. Just know that she’s fed up and she’s about to show everyone the real Chris Bosh and Adrienne Bosh. And it’s about time. He’s going to wish he didn’t do this.

    1. I never believed everything Bosh’s lawyer was saying…it just wasn’t adding up. I don’t think Allison is some gold digging monster. I think that’s who Adrienne is tho…

      1. Allison moved from Texas to Maryland SPECIFICALLY to have the child born in Maryland and custody established in Maryland so that she would be entitled to more money in support. These are from HER lips to the ears of the court reporter.

          1. It’s a message board. lol! Sheesh! What’s the matter with you ladies? lol!

            You said: I don’t think Allison is some gold digging monster.

            I refuted that position. That’s what message boards are for. Good grief.

  6. Damn. Man, it’s hard to go up against a celebrity. Chris is being advises to get primary custody and take the same route as D Wade. They hate the women they had babies with. And it’s pretty sad.

    1. So let me get this straight, wanting to have custody of your child means that you ‘hate’ the mother of the child? Huh? What type of logical sense does that make?

      So essentially when women push for custody of their children it means that they hate the man that they had the children with?

      Wait a minute… don’t answer that question. I want to preserve the faith that I have in women.

  7. If a mother isn’t unfit, which Allison doesn’t appear to be, her daughter shouldn’t be taken away from her. Little girls need their mothers, not Adrienne Bosh’s groupie a-s.

  8. Allison needs to get herself a better plan. She needs to fight in court and make sure she’s putting the facts out there. This is the first time I’ve heard any of this. It definitely makes me look at Bosh in a very different light. Smh.

  9. SMH. Allison might want to be the one getting the facts out there. Because right now Chris and his people are trying to paint her as some gold digger who wants $30,000 a month in child support. But I haven’t heard her say that…instead I heard that’s the max she could get in the state of Florida. But Bosh claimed he lived in Texas to shut that POSSIBILITY down. I say increase the child support to about $5000 a month, give her permission to do reality TV and build her own thing.

  10. Why do so many people think Adrienne is so classy? LOL. Just because she isn’t tweeting back doesn’t mean she isn’t doing her dirt off the computer. Stop it.

  11. I said it yesterday before someone trying to flex their recent JD degree with a direct response. It’s crazy, Royce even said they copy and paste the paperwork and accidentally left soneone elses name on it. Absurd!!! People like to bash the child’s mother because we don’t get daily photoshoots of Allison to see how wonderful she is, how philanthropic she is…. Adrienne certainly doesn’t want Allison to get an increase because that takes away from Adrienne’s shopping, photoshoot, cake and cupcake parties lol. Because 30,000.00 a year is 360,000.00 and we’ve all seen Adrienne spend that and more in a year… Trinity is a blessing and the way CB and his wife are fighting(because a wife is not going to not add her input about her husbands court case) is like the child is a burden unless they have ALL the say and get ALL their requests approved…. Unfortunately for CB and Adrienne skeletons are about to come out the closet still moving when they could have settled. I’m all for a daughter being raised with her dad in her life, but CB never intended to raise Trinity until he had to fight to decrease child support. Take a page from Lebrons book, it’s cheaper to keep her and he stayed with the woman who has always been down with him through the struggle. The struggle keeps the woman you need while money brings the women you want, but these athletes don’t get it. CB is about to mess up his future earnings because society does not want to see a man who could be a stand up dad be dirty, and following in Usher, D Wades footsteps is about to highlight how far money goes in the legal system… I’ve seen it first hand. Treatment plans for wealthy abusive parents are relaxed while poor parents are subjected to random drug testing, random visits from police in the middle of the night when all abusive parents should be handed the book. Heck I could go on but it would require specifics I can’t give without jeopardizing current cases. But believe me MONEY talks!!!

      1. Adrienne, get your trifling a-s off this blog. If you had some real business about yourself you wouldn’t be on here so hard trying to defend yourself and your trifling a-s husband. I couldn’t figure out why you were going so hard and why you’re only on here when child support regarding the Miami Heat a-sholes comes up. You literally replied to everyone who told the truth about you and your gay husband spitting the same lies the attorney copied and pasted and sent to TMZ. And now I know why. You’re Adrienne Bosh. I will drag you from here on out every time you write. You will pay for what you have done to Allison. I promise you that.

        Hey guys, remember this name. Uncontainable Spirit is Adrienne Bosh. She also writes on numerous forums and creates fake Twitter accounts to talk trash to anyone she knows are friends with Allison. This is fact. That’s what Royce meant by throw rocks and hides her hands.

        1. Either she’s Adrienne, or one of Adrienne’s friends. No one has ever went that hard for Chris Bosh so I put two and two together…

          1. Giving my real name on here would be folly, though I believe that a few of you are sensible enough to not do malicious things. Suffice to say I’m not a woman so I cannot be Chris Bosh’s wife.

        2. lol! It must be a burden to be so completely wrong. At first I was Gabby for defending father’s in Dwayne Wade’s case (AND I WAS CORRECT)… then I was Bob Whitfield for refusing to believe that Bob was a horrible father with regard to Sheree (AND AGAIN I WAS CORRECT)… now I’m Adrienne for defending father’s in this Chris Bosh case. lol!

          Hilarious. Do you not see the pattern. I’m a father. Children need their father’s too. It’s a shame that the vast majority of you simply don’t believe that to be the case.

        3. One more thing Tasha, you cannot drag me. That’s the funny part because the closer to the truth you get the more you will realise that you’ve been purposely obtuse.

          1. You know… I kinda felt bad for her with regard to that. But… she put herself in that situation. You never know when your past will come back to bite you in the arse.

  12. Bosh and his wife is shady. They are trying to get full custody of the child, but it will backfire. Broads like Gabriel Union and Bosh wife are pathetic they should not be encouraging Wade & Bosh to hurt the mother of their children. God don’t like ugly!

  13. #teambosh

    Children need fathers too.

    Why the hell is this chick even involved. lol!

    Get a life.

    1. No you get a life Adrienne. How many replies did you write on here yesterday? And you’re telling on yourself again. No one uses that wack hashgtag #teambosh but you. You’re getting sloppy with your trolling. I’d call you much more but I’d get banned. And unlike you, I actually am a real reader…

      1. Ad Hominem.

        An Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument. Typically, this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, her circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting).

        So essentially you have no rebuttal of substance so you resort to the logical fallacy of attacking the person? Nice.

        1. Shut up you manipulative wench! You think your use of copy and pasting from the online dictionary proves you argument you evil wench? Manipulation worked on Chris, but it wont work on me. Adrienne you will not play mind games with me. Just like all those fake inspirational tweets you write all day to hide your true ugliness! Go to hell! You write on here just like you do on Twitter. Learn how to troll and at least switch up your lies so you won’t get busted next time.

          Allison should sue you for defamation, know you can’t hide on the Internet.

          1. lol! Sad.

            I will perpetually defend the rights of fathers. Your vitriol is lost on me.

          2. So let me get this straight… you have no defense of substance regarding the case at hand so your resort is to attack the person making your position look as ill informed as it is? Interesting. But hey, that’s what you do. More power to ya. 🙂

    2. Hold up, this is Adrienne? *pops knuckles* Adrienne, can you stop wearing those white prom gloves and cocktail dresses to the Heat Games?

          1. lol! Hilarious! Incredible. Really? Do you want to meet after school behind the cafeteria and fight? lol! You all are KILLING me! lol! But at the end of the day you’ll be ok. As long as you get my point, that being that fathers matter, all will be well.

          2. Au contraire mon cheri, there are quite a few individuals on here whose points I respect. WhatWhat for one, Gabriella for another. I simply do not agree with you in this instance. That’s ok though. It’s healthy and we both will be better for it in the end.

    3. And stop it with the children need their fathers too crap! You got that from D Wade’s manipulative a-s! Do you even have a brain of your own Adrienne?

      And you’re full of lies! Chris sees his daughter all the time! He even has numerous photos to prove that! Allison only asked for her daughter not to go out of the country because of her illness! That little girl is with Chris all the time! Nobody is taking her from him and you know it! There’s a special place in Hell for trifling women like you!

      1. Your ignorance is breathtaking.

        I find it telling that you believe that the position that children need their fathers too is crap. It’s because if sentiments like yours that I’m here.

        Photos prove that he sees his daughter ‘ALL THE TIME’? Is that the position that you’re running with? smh. Please rethink. I’m not going to even get started in on Dwayne Wade’s situation. The results speak for themselves.

        The child’s mother has a history of disrupting Bosh’s time with their child. So much so that there had to be a visitation schedule set in 2012. I’m sure you’re familiar with that but if you actually think I’m Chris Bosh’s wife, I’m not so sure.

        At the end of the day, Children need fathers too.


        1. Adrienne, why don’t you tell everyone about your past? And why did you tell Trinity to call you mom wench?

          1. If I were she I’d maybe consider it. I’m not, however, so I shan’t.

  14. I figured that was the bearded dragons wife. Who was going to those extents to defend Bosh….and I’m laughing at whoever called her over dressed.

    1. You ladies don’t get it. I’m telling you as a man with children, from the perspective of a man, what men are thinking and feeling in this age yet you are determined to double down on the foolishness that has gotten many of you to the point where you actually CAN LOSE CUSTODY OF YOUR CHILDREN.

      I’m not defending Bosh (though I am I fan of his game, even saw him a couple of times at Tech), I’m defending fathers. When things are well with fathers and children things are automatically better for mothers.

      It’s sad that so many of you are too short sighted and concerned with instant gratification in general to see that this is the case.

      1. No you don’t get it! How old are you? Did you not learn in elementary school that people don’t have to agree with your arrogant a-s? You are not GOD. You don’t have the final say and you have an opinion only just like very one else. You are very rude and can’t accept different opinions. I do think you’re Adrienne. I have never seen anyone act this way on this site and it’s a turn off! Write your opinion and move on! No one has to agree with you! Ugh!

        1. Don’t waste your time. As much logic as she pretends to have, she doesn’t get this one point. Goodnight boo.

        2. Rude? Moi? lol! Wow! It matters not whether anyone agrees with me. I’m here for the debate which many on here are sorely lacking in. My ‘opinion’ however, is bolstered by evidence whereas the statements of those who would browbeat me are unsubstantiated at best and bald faced lies at worst.

          I’ve been more than polite in the face of being called everything less than a child of God. At the end of the day I’m a man communicating with what I assume to be black women on a website created by a married black woman so regardless how I’m treated here I’m going to be respectful of my sisters.

          I will not back away from my position however but I will be respectful.

          1. Your opinion is respected. It’s just a touchy subject for a lot of women. You never know what some of these people went through in their own lives. But know that your opinion is respected by me and its nice to hear a man’s point of view.

          2. Queen. I’m so very sorry. I honestly am. I know that I can be snarky at times because that’s been my experience with message boards in general. They are a battle of wits and bon mots and put downs from my experience. I don’t want enmity though. I’ve not meant any malice through my discourse. It’s not been my desire to cause harm.

  15. Yes, especially that name Uncontrollable Spirit… Sounds straight demonic like that demonic black and white dress she had Trinity wear to the game…. It had upside down crosses, evil eye and pyramids…. She stays putting pictures of symbolic spiritual stuff that have nothing to do with Christianity but is store bought sainthood… Have you notice Savannah rarely spends time with her and G Union? Savannah may be in a photo here and there but she’s mostly with Chris Paul’s wife Jada Paul… Adrienne is about to be exposed for the phony she is as well as Chris Bosh… I’m pretty sure they will soon discover Adrienne planned that home robbery where 360,000.00 worth of jewelry, purses and etc were stolen… Coincidence it’s the same amount as 1 year of child support that Chris Bosh will have to pony up 30,000 x 12= 360,000.00. Adrienne wants to make sure she can afford the front she puts on for others after the change takes place because it will lol watch and see….

  16. It a shame Urban Belle went from being a place where we could all type our opinions in peace to this. Stop replying to the troll people. Agree to disagree like we always do. Don’t be someone else’s entertainment Tasha. I know you love Allison, but you’re feeding the troll. We all have a right to our opinion & we don’t have to prove anything to anyone on here. Tasha…leave it alone & pray for Allison. Goodnight.

    1. Here is the thing Lay Lay (I pray that I’m not being too forward). Most of the time your ‘typing your opinions in peace’ simply meant that you all agreed on the topic. It’s easy to have an opinion stated in peace when everyone else agrees with you. I, however, don’t agree with the vast majority of you on topics related to fathers and fatherhood so there is going to be dissention. I’m actually surprised that there has been no true debate here based on the facts of the case that we know so that we can at least learn and grow from the discourse. This is why I like Gabriella, she read my position on another topic, stated her position, I found common ground and we came to a consensus. Two people learning and growing from and through one another.

      So I ask you, am I too blunt? Am I too abrupt? Is my parlance too forward for this community? These are not rhetorical questions. I’d really like your opinion here. I enjoy coming to the site. I enjoy a few of the regular posters. Coming here gives me the opportunity to help another sister out in growing her business. I see nothing but positives.

      However, I must be doing something that is irritating or abnormal because it seems as though no one wants to take a debate to its conclusion. I don’t know Adrienne or Tasha for that matter from a can of paint and while I know that I can defend myself in these message boards, it’s not my desire to create enemies. So tell me. What am I doing that, in the opinion of the posters who frequent these boards, is incorrect?

      1. We don’t always agree ( read the Rihanna posts lol) but this is just a touchy subject for women. I think you’ll see that on the other posts involving Tameka Raymond. Etc. Now that you say you’re a father, it all makes sense. I get it. It’s just we don’t see you write on here too often so we don’t know if you’re trolling or being genuine. But the more you write, the more people will open up to you. Share your opinion more on different topics so we can get to know you more. Hope I didn’t offend.

        1. Not at all. No offense taken. In fact I’m relieved that you’ve taken the time to respond. I tended to lurk on here because I didn’t know that this was a consistent community with members who are consistently here. I did my due diligence and decided to come on. The types of topics that pique my interest tend to be topics regarding fathers and fathers rights. However, I will take your advice and weigh in on various topics so as to find a voice on these boards. It has been a pleasure. Again, thank you.

      2. Keep writing on here! We will all open up to you. You kind of remind me of Ha. She’s blunt and was hard to understand but now she’s fam. We need more male opinions on here. The girls will learn to love you. You good?

        1. Thank you Queen, I’m great. I appreciate your response and will endeavor to be 27% less snarky henceforth. 😀 Oh yes… I’ve definitely encountered Ha. She was highly perturbed in the Jamie Foxx thread. Quite humorous.

    2. @Lay Lay He’s not a troll boo. He didn’t mean any harm and he was being respectful. @Tasha Allison will be fine. Keep praying that a peaceful decision for all will be reached.

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