Nikko Says Stevie J. & Joseline are Faking Their Relationship, Joseline Has a Boyfriend?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Stevie J. and Joseline’s relationship fake? Stevie J and Joseline’s romance has always been a very explosive one, especially since it basically began while Stevie was in a relationship with Mimi Faust. The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” love triangle is one of the main reasons the show became a smash hit just one season in and now that the show is in season two, surely there’s new drama to trouble Stevie J. and Joseline’s on and off again romance.

Mimi has been dating Nikko for the last several months, and although their relationship has already had its share of drama, Nikko has made it clear Stevie J. is one aspect of drama he’s not trying to deal with. Not only was he heated about Stevie gifting Mimi a white BMW on TV, but he’s also not happy Stevie got on TV and claimed the Rolex Nikko gave Mimi wasn’t real.

As we reported recently, some of Nikko’s friends have already been tipping the blogs about Mimi’s BMW being sent back to the dealership two days after she was given the car, but Nikko of course spills even more tea during his recent appearance on Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5. In the interview, Nikko claims Stevie J. is so broke he had to take that BMW back two days later, but the real bombshell was when he claimed that Joseline and Stevie J.’s relationship is fake and she actually has a boyfriend who loaned his clothes to Stevie for season one.

On the watch he gave Mimi, Nikko says:

“Is the Presidential Rolex used? I got it for some stacks. But what guy you know that’s going to give a woman a rolex six months in to a situation that you knew she was still caught up on her past?

“I gave it to her out of the kindness…because that’s what I wanted to do because I seen that homie [Stevie J.] wasn’t giving her nothing expensive. Soon as I came into the picture, he wants to give her a car. Now he did the whole last year with her, years and years and never gave her anything. Nothing expensive at all. Now you gonna give her a car because I gave her a rolex?

“But did you see it two days after, that’s all I want to know.”


Then Nikko goes on to talk about Stevie J’s money problems and claims his relationship with Joseline is just for the cameras:

“From the first season he was wearing Joseline’s boyfriend’s clothes. All those clothes was Joseline’s boyfriend’s. Puff [P. Diddy] had you in an abandoned building in New York…you had to circumnavigate to Miami to sleep with Benzino in them offices, the Hip Hop offices that Benzino and them had in Miami sleeping in the back room. Come on homie, I know everything. You just started getting money six or seven months ago. Stop it man. You were broke taking the bus in Atlanta.

“Stevie I’ve been getting money my whole life and you know it. You just started getting money. You ain’t have money since 95.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. Honestly, this could be true. I’ve just come to accept that most people on these reality shows are faking their story lines to some extent.

  2. Umm I don’t believe anything Nikko says he is a liar too so all this ish he talking is for the birds.

  3. Not the first time I heard this. People have been saying for a while now a lot of this show is not real. I’m sure the truth won’t come out until the show gets cancelled.

  4. You know I’m sure a lot of this isn’t real but it’s entertaining so I’ve classified it as a ghetto soap opera with cheaper actors…LOL.

  5. Eh, he could be telling the truth. But I think we all know the show can’t be completely real. But we don’t watch it for that anyway.

  6. If he’s been getting money all his life like he claims, why is he sharing an apartment in ATL with another man? Isn’t that what broke people do?

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