Trayvon Martin Trial Day 4: Key Witness Says Trayvon Didn’t Start Fight with Zimmerman

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

Day 4 of the Trayvon Martin trial happened today as key witness Rachel “Diamond” Jeantel took the stand again to give her second testimony. The trial was been an intense, heart breaking one for those who have gotten the chance to watch it so far as photos of Trayvon’s body have been revealed in the courtroom as this continues to be a very emotional time for his family. However, key witness and friend of Trayvon’s Rachel “Diamond” Jeantel’s first testimony concerned many people as it was clear Rachel was having some issues answering the questions she was asked. And because she was the last person Trayvon spoke to before he was killed, Rachel was asked to recall what she remembered from the night Trayvon was killed, but ended up getting caught up in several lies and was reportedly defiant at times during questioning. Not only did Rachel admit to lying on several occasions, her frustration on the stand was evident and it was obvious she was unhappy about having to return to court for another day.

According to a report from CBS, things were somewhat better for Rachel during her second trip to the stand as defense attorney Don West questioned Rachel about her statement to de la Rionda where she claimed heard a noise as though Martin was being hit:

“You don’t know that, do you?” West said. “You don’t know that Trayvon got hit. You don’t know that at that moment, Trayvon Martin didn’t take his fist and drive it into George Zimmerman’s face, do you?”

“No, sir,” Jeantel responded.

Don West continued to question Rachel Jeantel about how she knew Martin didn’t start the fight. And Rachel says Trayvon didn’t tell her he was planning to confront the man who was following him, and that if he was planning on starting a fight, she says Trayvon would have called her back:

“You figured if Trayvon Martin was getting ready to sucker punch someone and get in a fight, he would have told you, ‘Let me take care of this and I’ll call you right back?'” West asked.

“No sir, he would not allow me on the phone with him if he was about the have a fight,” Jeantel answered.

Here are the clips from Day 4 of the trial:


  1. I felt like there were times when she held her own. Hopefully she didn’t hurt the prosecution.

  2. Jeantel did better today then she did yesterday so that is progress. The defense attorney is only trying to draw doubt for the jury but this is an open and shut case Zimmerman murdered an innocent child. At the end of the day he was a child and Zimmerman was an adult who murdered a child after the dispatcher told him to not proceed after him and he took the law in his own hands and he should be punished.

  3. People criticizing this young woman disgust me. People fail to realize that she was under duress and is forced to conjure memories of the moments before her friend was murdered by Mr. Zimmerman.

    1. Right! I can’t stand to read the racist comments written about her! That’s exactly why Trayvon was killed!

  4. She held her own today. I hope Trayvon’s family gets justice. Zimmerman is a murderer plain and simple.

    1. Cosign. And the comments these white people are making about this young woman is exactly how Trayvon got killed. One reporter even called her Precious. I just can’t with all these stupid people.

      1. I just had to stop reading the comments. They are too hateful. I don’t even want that in my personal space. People are sick.

  5. All she has to do is make sure she proved that Trayvon was not the aggressor. She pretty much did that yesterday when she explained Trayvon told her he was being followed, ran, and was eventually confronted before the call was dropped. Zimmerman is wrong. He should have never pursued that child. How do you start the fight and still claim self defense? Doesn’t make any sense.

  6. I felt like she did a little better too. I think both the defense and prosecution have had highs and lows. Hopefully the jury will understand this was murderer and prejudice played a huge role.

  7. This girl could’ve been prepped better because she really did not do Trayvon any justice yesterday. She did do better today but her demeanor should’ve been on point. Those white folks want to get Zimmerman off at all costs.

  8. Better day! Can’t say she had a flawless testimony today, but it was a lot better. I’m trying to be positive.

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