K. Michelle and Rasheeda Squash the Beef

Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood/YouTube
Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef has been ongoing and pretty explosive since the last half of season one of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” In fact, things got so nasty between the two stars after Rasheeda admitted to K. Michelle that she didn’t believe Memphitz abused her that they almost came to blows during the reunion show had security not hopped up on the stage just in time. Then of course there is that confrontation that took place at the beginning of season two that resulted in K. Michelle throwing a candle at Rasheeda during an argument.

Despite having beefs with most of her cast mates, K. Michelle isn’t above squashing her beefs when she feels it’s necessary. She’s already squashed her beef with Mimi Faust, Ariane, and now it appears she is even ending her feud with Rasheeda and Kirk.

While making press rounds on the red carpet at the BET Awards, she revealed to Hip Hollywood that things are now good between her and Rasheeda. She says:

“Me and Rasheeda we had a great conversation. We’re good. And I never thought that would happen. No one thought that would happen. So I talked to them (Rasheeda and Kirk). It’s just really no room for it.

“No, I’m not going to the baby shower but there’s no room for the hate.”


We’re actually happy this beef is over because we always thought it was an unnecessary one. Grown people should be able to disagree without it leading to possible fights and social media threats, right?

Check out the clip below:


  1. That’s good. I guess they decided to make up with K. since they can’t use her for camera time anymore. LOL.

  2. Had Rasheeda not have came at her sideways about the whole Memphis thing, it wouldn’t become a beef to begin with. That was very insensitive.

  3. Now that she’s leaving the show and they can’t use her for camera time. they figured they might as well end the feud.

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