50 Cent Blames Baby Mama for Nasty Text Message Exchange with Son

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The 50 Cent baby mama drama just got uglier. 50 Cent is currently facing more legal troubles as the rapper and business man has been accused by his ex girlfriend of assault and trashing her home sometime last month. It was also confirmed in the police report that the former couple has a child together, a piece of information 50 tried desperately to keep from the media. 50 Cent wasted no time denying the accusations via his attorney, however, his current drama with his ex must have opened the door for another one of his exes to put him on blast. An interesting series of text messages which were said to be between 50 and his 16-year-old son Marquise Jackson were sent to Radar Online, and in the conversation 50 basically disowned his son and trashed his mom to him with no remorse. More messages were sent in to Radar Online on Monday afternoon, in which 50 also told his son he was removing him and his mother out of his will:

Three months before calling him “f*cking stupid” and a “motherf*cker,” Grammy Award-winning rapper 50 Cent fired off another hate-filled text message to his teenage son to tell him that he was being cut of his will.

“If I died today would it matter to you? I’m changing my will. It’s a simple question,” the In Da Club singer, 38, wrote to son Marquise, 16, on November 18, 2012 in a missive obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.

Marquise responded, “And this is coming from someone that didn’t wish me a happy birthday.”

“I’m taking you and your mother’s daughter out of my inheritance,” a defiant 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson III, responded to his son.


50 Cent has always been very vocal on his Twitter account, so it’s no shocker he addressed the text message scandal to his followers just hours after the report began to pick up steam just about everywhere. According to 50, the text messages are real, however, he says he wasn’t talking to his son but his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins who was pretending to be Marquise. He tweets:

50 cent baby mama twitter


50 Cent also confirmed he changed his will and while we’re not sure if he actually did remove his son from his will, he did confirm most of his money will be left to deceased friend and his former manager Chris Lighty’s daughter:

50 cent baby mama twitter 2


  1. While I do believe 50’s baby mama is messy, I don’t believe that’s who he was “knowingly” texting. He really needs to grow up.

  2. He sounds like a jacka-s. He’s taking his issues with his BM out on his son. That’s very childish and not even what a real man would do. His immaturity is really showing right now.

  3. SMH. Now when I think about it, I can totally believe 50 kicked his ex and trashed her place. He obviously has some seriously anger issues and has control issues too. This is why it’s so important women get their own money and stop popping out babies for income. Men like 50 will treat you like sh-t because you have nothing else going on for yourself.

  4. I feel bad for the child. Well all his kids. He seems to hate the women who had his kids and he takes it out on the kids when he shouldn’t.

  5. Why is he putting this kind of stuff on Twitter? Seems like he’s just as messy and bitter as he claims his baby mama is.

  6. So .25 has two sons and the bulk of his estate will go to a child that is not his. Careful what you preach dude cause for some reason I think that Marquis will be okay and probably bigger than him. He has a platform now. Go get him Marquis. I’m glad I never gave a penny to any of the .25 products or CD.

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