Kenya Moore Wins War with Landlord, Voluntarily Moving Out

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

More Kenya Moore landlord news. Kenya Moore has been in an ongoing legal battle with her current landlord, and she’s been accused of not paying her rent and being a menace to her neighbors. Originally a judge ruled to evict Kenya from the home a few weeks ago, but it was later revealed Kenya didn’t even show up to court because the notice for the hearing was sent to the wrong address. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star even took to her Twitter account to deny the accusations, and told Wendy Williams she believed the whole incident was nothing more than a smear campaign to tarnish her image. After she was able to secure another date in court to fight the accusations, Kenya proclaimed the truth would come out and her name would be salvaged amongst the social circles of Atlanta.

It looks like Kenya was telling the truth considering the judge overturned the judgment against her and didn’t see any proof the reality star was late on her rent payments or utility bills in court on Tuesday. Interestingly enough, Kenya has still decided to move out of the home anyway considering the relationship with her landlord Conya Dillon Weems has gone so sour. Access Atlanta reports:

Weems was not at the hearing. Her attorney Linecia Gilmore told the judge how Moore had compiled 15 lease violations over the previous year, including a variety of alleged late rent and utility payments. At one point, Gilmore said Weems had rejected a May 3 payment in rent from Moore because it was late. But judge looked at the lease and said rent wasn’t technically late until the 6th of the month.

The judge also wasn’t impressed with the $848 in alleged unpaid utilities (including a $71.48 Cobb EMC bill) and late fees from the original May 24 complaint to evict. He said the lease did not say when such fees were considered late. Moore’s’ attorney said Moore did pay all utilities through May.

About 30 minutes in, after Levenson found out that Moore was going to move out anyway, he mused, “These ladies don’t like each other, do they? Nobody goes to court over $71.48.”

Levenson had no idea who Moore was until someone whispered in his ear midway through the hearing. “Why anyone would be fascinated by this case escapes me,” he said. He then urged the two parties to resolve this without more court action. “A bad settlement is better than a good judgment,” he said.

But since Moore has not officially moved out, it was premature to square away what Moore owes Weems. A hearing is set for July 18 to hash that out.

Moore had given Weems a $6,000 security deposit and that will be at issue July 18 as well as an alleged violation of the lease when Moore painted a couple of walls.


Kenya Moore also told Access Atlanta she is happily looking for a new place to live and she plans to file a countersuit against her landlord for defamation of character, slander, and wrongful eviction.


  1. Kenya was probably a tenant from hell and the landlord pulled a dirty move to get her out of the house. LOL.

  2. Kenya doesn’t strike me as an out-right liar, but she definitely has a different version of the truth. Maybe she’s just dramatic.

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