Mariah Carey Might Leave Her Record Label Because of ‘Yeezus’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Carey leaving Island Def Jam? Mariah’s “American Idol” days might be over, but the singer’s decision to focus back on her music career hasn’t made the journey a smooth one. Although her single “#Beautiful” with Miguel initially seemed to have plenty of potential to be a hit, the song’s progress appears to be slowing down and Mariah decided to push her album release date back to perhaps head to the studio to crank out a hit and build up some more buzz. Now reports are suggesting the singer is also considering leaving her record label Island Def Jam because sources claim she feels the label hasn’t done enough to promote the single and spent too much of their attention trying to promote Kanye’s new album “Yeezus.” The New York Post reports:

Music insiders tell us the album’s first single, “#Beautiful,” was not heavily promoted by IDJ, and Carey was disappointed by the label’s efforts. Later, IDJ released remixes of “#Beautiful,” including a “Spanglish” version called “#Hermosa” and one with Young Jeezy, to attract spins.

Some insiders blame the lack of attention to Carey on the fact that label execs were busy focusing on Kanye West’s album “Yeezus.” Page Six earlier reported that West’s last-minute production changes and legal issues were driving IDJ suits “crazy” as they worked overtime to get the album out.

Now some insiders are speculating the diva will leave IDJ after “The Art of Letting Go” is released. “No one’s really scrambling to renegotiate her contract or put her music out,” said a source.


Although rumors suggest otherwise, Mariah’s spokesperson says the singer couldn’t be happier with Island Def Jam and has no plans to drop the label as of now so only time will tell.


  1. Well if she thinks they are dropping the ball she should leave. A label should be pushing you out there, not putting you on the back burner for Kanye’s messy behind.

  2. Ha. They paid more attention to the album that actually sucked than the one with more potential. Gotta love these record labels.

  3. Mariah is being naive. The song isn’t doing well because it sucks. And it’s no crossover material. No pop station wants to play that song. Go back to the drawing board Mimi.

  4. Meh, maybe it is time for her to go somewhere else. It does seem like they aren’t really promoting her anymore.

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