Seriously? Conservative Publication Warns White Children to Stay Away from Blacks

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Conservative publication columnist tells white children to stay away from black people? Although some people are still trying to argue that the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case was not related to race, there are those who firmly believe the only reason Zimmerman followed Trayvon the night of the fatal incident was not because Trayvon was tearing up the neighborhood but simply because he was a young black male walking around in a hoodie. The case has initiated numerous discussions and debates about racism in America and has even led to President Obama speaking out on the trial verdict.

We all know racism is still very much alive and well in our country and black people are continuing to be racially profiled on a regular basis. While some people tend to sugarcoat their thoughts about other races in order to not come off as being offensive, a columnist for top conservative publication National Review let his feelings about black people be known as the individual published a column warning young white children to stay far away from black people, ThinkProgress reports:

Victor Davis Hanson, a scholar of military history and longtime National Review foreign affairs columnist, has a habit of dipping his toes into racially uncomfortable water.

His column today, however, directly echoes the now-infamous piece by self-described “race-realist” John Derbyshire that National Review deemed a firing offense. Derbyshire’s TakiMag piece, the conceit of which was that the author was giving a white equivalent of “The Talk” that black parents give their children about racism, included gems like “avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally,” “stay out of heavily black neighborhoods,” and “if accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.”

The thrust of Hanson’s argument — black men are criminals and you should stay away from them, my son — is largely indistinguishable from Derbyshire’s. “Be careful if a group of black youths approaches you,” Hanson quoted his father as saying before a move to San Francisco. “After some first-hand episodes with young African-American males,” he continued, “I offered a similar lecture to my own son.”



  1. You know, I guess these dumb a-s white people are going to keep neglecting to mention that 84% of crime against whites is actually committed by other whites. I’m just going to email UB and see if they can post the truth since no other site wants to mention that stat.

    1. I didn’t know that either. Yeah email them. That needs to be put out there. So many times whites try to shut down the Trayvon talk because of black on black violence, and you mean to tell me the rates of white on white violence is just as bad? Oh the hypocrisy.

    2. That just proves violence is a human issue. But for some reason, the media wants to make it a black issue. It’s more than black people in jail though.

      1. I agree with him. They should stay away from blacks, seeing as how we seem to be more civilized then they are.
        And since they love to group us all together, how about I do the same. Fact, whitey kills a bunch of native Americans and Blacks, but doesn’t realize this group has the highest rate of type O blood. The life saving blood:).
        Fact, it was a black woman’s DNA used in a lab at Johns Hopkins to create the Polio vaccine.
        Fact, there are more white people on walfare than there are blacks or any other race. They seem to get amnesia when it comes to this, but social security, and unemployment is considered a handout just like food stamps.
        And last but not least, here are a list of my favorite whites that spread terror
        Through out this country, and about 2% of the 754 victims combined were of another race….they pretty much killed there own- white on white crime
        Albert Fish- 400+, raped, killed and eaten children
        Richard Kuklinski aka the ice man- 200+
        John Wayne Gacy- 33 young men
        Ed Gien- 15 women
        John Robinson- 8 women
        Robert Berdella- 23 men
        Columbine- 13 kids and themselves
        Colorado Movie Massacure- James Holmes – 12 and 58 injured
        Sandy hooks elementary – 28
        BTK- 11
        Fred and Rose West- 11 including the rape and murder of their own daughter
        Grand total on this small list alone 754

        [Link Removed] Albert fish
        [Link Removed] ed gien
        [Link Removed] John Wayne gacy
        [Link Removed] John Robinson
        [Link Removed] Robert berdella
        [Link Removed]

  2. So would we be wrong to tell our children to fear white men since they rape and commit more murders than everyone else?

  3. Children are not born racist….its what parents feed into their brain that create such hate! Only God can help America.

  4. These people are just teaching fear and hate. Jails are full of all races. Not just blacks. The racism in this country is sickening. Makes me want to move.

  5. How sick. All I can do is make sure I teach my kids to have more sense. It’s sad we live in a world where people are so consumed by race they are willing to teach their child to hate.

    1. Don’t think that all Republicans are sell outs. There needs to be more education on blacks and Republicans as well since the Demo society will have you thinking otherwise. It doesn’t matter if someone is Republican or Democrat, racism sees no political line. Either way, that article just proves once again that prejudice is alive and well. Not too much has changed since Jim Crow…SMH.

  6. He must be a prophet who follows Rush Limbaugh and all those other Fox news commentators because they say the same thing. Disgusting

  7. Man people like this need to be booted to some random island somewhere away from people who actually have common sense.

  8. This country needs more God and less hate. And for some reason the people that scream God the most are the most hateful nowadays. Sad.

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