Chad Johnson’s Baby Mama Demands Increase in Child Support Despite His Declining Income

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad Johnson’s baby mama Andrea Pearson is still battling with the former athlete over child support. Chad Johnson is still enduring the after effects of his failed marriage to “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada, and as a result of things ending due to him head-butting her; the former NFL star is finding out it’s pretty hard to bounce back when you have a violent past. Chad maintains that he is still working on making sure his incident with Evelyn never happens again and even cites he’s never really gotten in trouble before. But none of that has managed to stop his money from going low. While he’s still hoping another team will give him a chance to play in the NFL again, it’s not looking so good for the former wide receiver. Despite his money being on the decline, his baby mama is still demanding the court requires him to pay more in child support. Chad recently asked the court to lower the payments and his baby mama is not having it. TMZ reports:

Andrea Pearson filed legal docs in FL court — firing back a Chad’s request to reduce his $5,240 / month child support bill. Chad claims he can’t afford it anymore, after getting fired from the NFL and losing his lucrative endorsement deals … circumstances he says that were out of his control.

But Andrea argues in docs … she shouldn’t be punished for Chad’s screw ups, clearly stating that his money problems ARE his fault, explaining, “he sabotaged his own earning ability through his conduct and criminal behavior.”

Translation: The head-butting, domestic violence arrest (the catalyst for his $$$ woes) was Chad’s doing … and Andrea doesn’t want her support cash to be collateral damage.


The site goes on to say Andrea Pearson has asked the court to toss out Chad’s request.


  1. Is she serious? Child support is based off the man’s income. If his income goes down, so do the child support payments. If she’s so concerned about less money coming in, why not get off her butt and get a job? What is wrong with some of these females?

    1. Exactly. So many women get up everyday and make their own money and take care of their kids by their damn selves. No excuse. Make it happen and stop waiting for handouts!

  2. Another female who feels she deserves wife treatment when she is not a wife. When will the self entitlement from these females end?

    1. Good point. If they want a man to commit to paying and being responsible, make him put a ring on it before you pop out his kids.

    2. Sorry, have to disagree here. Ring or no ring, he has an obligation to his children. It’s the law.

      IMO, too many black women don’t fight for child support opting, instead, for an ‘I’ll handle everything myself’ approach and letting fathers off the hook. Again, in my opinion, we do ourselves and our children a disservice with this kind of thinking. Again, marriage has zero bearing on his financial responsibility to his offspring. Zero!

      1. I think you’ve added what you’ve wanted to my simple comment. As I said, she is acting self-entitled because Chad is not asking to get out of child support payments, he’s asking for it to be lowered according to his decline in income. Like I said, if he can’t afford to pay as much as he did before and she’s concerned about that, get up and get a job so the child’s lifestyle won’t be affected as much. I hope I was more clear now considering you just put a whole slew of words in my mouth from one sentence.

        And no, a woman who is not married doesn’t deserve the perks of a wife. If the man is rich and he’s your child’s father, it doesn’t mean YOU deserve to be rich. All he owes you is child support payments and they aren’t for you to go out and ball.

        1. What does self-entitlement or being a wife have to do with her requesting that child support payments not be lowered? Your comments would make perfect sense if we were discussing alimony, but I don’t see what being a wife has to do with child support. Perhaps you can clarify.

          1. Let’s see. You’re actually siding with a woman who refuses to lower the child support payments of a man that just lost everything…hmm says a lot about you.

            Goodnight and be blessed.

      2. You live in a fantasy world! All he owes her is child support which he is paying! But he’s not obligated to keep her from having to work a job. It’s 2013, why are we telling women all they have to do is pop out a man’s baby and that will keep their bills paid and living in nice houses? Disgusting!

        My mom taught me to get an education, a job, and take care of myself! And wait for marriage to pop out kids! What is wrong with our community?

  3. In 2013 you would think a real woman wouldn’t mid getting up and getting her own money to make sure her kids were good. But no, they are popping out babies for checks. Smh.

  4. How do you all know that she doesn’t have a job? Maybe this will teach him and other men alike to stop making baby mamas and start making these women wives and mothers. I don’t feel bad for him at all. All that coon’n for the cameras and look where it’s gotten him. Negro better start putting in applications somewhere and stop making babies all over the place. Smh!

    1. Thank you!!! You are exactly right, there’s no indication here as to whether or not she works. But whether she does or doesn’t, that has nothing to do with anything. Let’s assume that she does work…this doesn’t excuse him from paying child support. Furthermore, even if they’d married and separated or divorced, he STILL would be required to pay child support if she has custody. Not sure why so many are questioning her employment or making comments on their lack of marital status. Neither or these issues have any bearing on child support. Jay Z and Beyonce could get divorced tomorrow and, guess what? The non-custodial parent would be required to pay support! Now, I do agree that she’ll likely lose in court based on his income reduction, but that’s about it. Everything else is irrelevant.

      1. Again, did you even read the post here? It did not say Chad is requesting not to pay child support. He’s requesting for the child support payments to be lowered because he’s not making as much money as he was before. Here’s what it said:

        “Andrea Pearson filed legal docs in FL court — firing back a Chad’s request to reduce his $5,240 / month child support bill. ”

        That’s a fair request. Instead of being so quick to assume a man’s not paying, read what the court docs are saying or just read the whole post before you put a cape on for some woman who is being vindictive. The man is asking to have the payments LOWERED. You’re argument doesn’t apply to this topic.

        1. In the above post, I clearly stated that she will likely lose and that there will be a reduction since earlier support was tied to his income. So, yes, I did read. My replies were based on comments here about her not being a wife, yet expecting the perks of one. That argument is the one that doesn’t make logical sense here. Linking child support issues (whether paying or getting a reduction) to marital status is unnecessary.

          1. Oh, so you still don’t get it. That’s fine. God bless you though. *smooches*

          2. To be fair, both of you are off topic.

            Chad IS paying child support, yet Jael keeps talking like he’s not (strange) and Wait A Minute we don’t know if she works or not because it wasn’t mentioned. No need for the back and forth lol.

  5. Thank you for being the voice of reason, “Anonymous”. “Wait a Minute”, my comments don’t say a lot about me anymore than yours say a lot about you…neither one of us can make that judgement from a single conversation on a blog. “Anonymous”, my statements weren’t suggesting that he wasn’t paying at all. I think Chad is a good guy who is as human as the rest of us. I follow him on Twitter and have watched his career good, bad and ugly for a while. Mistakes and all, he appears to be a good, attentive father who spends time with all of his daughters, and even appears to have a good relationship with at least two of his children’s mothers. Still, you are right in me being somewhat off topic– not in terms of whether he’s paying or not, but the comments here about her getting a job (we don’t know if she works or not), her not being a wife yet feeling entitled, etc. all seemed to be very unfair statements that are commonly made against women– especially black women– when they ask for what they rightfully should in terms of support. Too many women in our communities don’t believe in taking a man to court for child support. Instead, they take the burden upon themselves to work two or three jobs to make ends meet and try to be superwomen for their children, alone. While that’s admirable, it’s often unnecessary for them to do so. The law states that both parents are financially responsible for a child, so when I read comments about her getting a job and pointing to her never being his wife then, yeah, I probably got off topic. My heart is always on the side of black families, however, especially black children. “Wait a Minute”, I hope we’re cool as I don’t come here to have discord with anyone. We can disagree, yes, but it’s never personal on this end.

    1. Girl we’re cool. I think we were both just venting. At least we can disagree with each other without disrespecting each other on here and keep it intelligent. That’s something I appreciate. And I value your opinion and you make good points. But you have a great day. No love lost. 🙂

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