Lil Wayne Gets Slammed for Dissing Riley Cooper for Using the N-word

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Taren Vaughan

Lil Wayne disses Riley Cooper and then gets called out for being a hypocrite? Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper’s use of the N-word has landed the NFL player in hot water as he was caught on video using the offensive term at a concert he attended. And even though Riley has apologized for his actions, there are still plenty of people who are highly upset with him for using the racial slur. Not everyone is jumping on the “We hate Riley Cooper” bandwagon though as Deion Sanders revealed his feelings about the situation and came to Riley Cooper’s defense as he feels people are being way too judgmental of Riley seeing as though many of the people who are angry over his offensive comment probably use the N-word themselves. Lil Wayne and Prime Time clearly aren’t on the same page about this whole situation as Weezy took to his Twitter account and had a message for Riley Cooper over his use of the racial slur:

lil wayne disses riley cooper tweet

Instead of giving Lil Wayne props for dissing Riley Cooper, the rapper got called out by several people over his tweet as they can’t seem to fathom how a person who has developed a reputation for spitting offensive lyrics on tracks and using the N-word on a frequent basis can even get mad at Riley for dropping the racial slur (Read from bottom to top):

lil wayne disses riley cooper tweet 5

lil wayne disses riley cooper tweet 4

lil wayne disses riley cooper tweet 3

lil wayne disses riley cooper tweet 1

Is Lil Wayne being a hypocrite for getting pissed off at Riley Cooper for dropping the N-word?

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  1. Sorry. I’m never going to defend a white person using the n word. Any black person who does is an Uncle Tom and sell out.

  2. No one should use the word but let’s not pretend it doesn’t mean different things based off who’s saying it.

  3. I’m so over everyone. The damn football player was wrong. Stop putting on a cape for the same kind of people killing unarmed black men.

  4. I’m not going to front and be a hypocrite I use the word sometimes mainly singing songs but as I have gotten older I’ve stop saying the word. I don’t like Wayne but the difference is the content in which it is being used. Riley Cooper said it out of anger and in a derogatory way and he was wrong. Wayne and every other rapper uses the word is it right? Probably not. But Riley Cooper azz don’t need to be using the word and that’s the point not Wayne.

  5. I don’t use the word but I understand it means different things when it comes from a white person. Let’s not play stupid.

  6. My husband and I quit using the word years ago. When you know better, you do better. However…and I can’t believe I’m about to defend Lil Wayne…but him as a Black man using it in his songs and Cooper, a White man, using it in a violent context directly aimed at another person (or people) are two totally different stories. While I don’t choose to say the word any longer, I get the sides of the argument from Blacks who do and never can I defend or condone a White person using the word…especially as a slur like Cooper did.

  7. We started this by letting the world think it was ok to use the N word. Very few cultures allow derogatory language in their music or in the media….yet we let our young artists use this lanuguage and then get mad when others outside of our race use the word. It has become too easy for others to use the word because we have allowed it through music and other mediums and have done very little to protest it unfortunately….it is very sad.

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