Trayvon Martin’s Parents Talk Current Movement to Boycott Florida

Photo Credit: David Shankbone
Photo Credit: David Shankbone

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With most of the country being divided about how they feel about George Zimmerman being found not guilty for the murder of unarmed black teen Travon Martin, it’s been clear a movement for justice is still in the works despite the jury’s decision. In fact, some celebrities and those who aren’t in the spotlight have decided to boycott the entire state of Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is changed, and rallies all across the country are still going strong. The NAACP is working hard to try to get a civil rights case against George Zimmerman, and it’s been confirmed the Department of Justice is currently investigating and even recently met with Trayvon’s parents to ask questions. But with all the talks of a boycott going on, many wonder where Trayvon’s parents who still currently reside in Florida stand. In a recent press conference Travyon’s parents said they take no stance in the current movement to boycott the state of Florida. The Associated Press reports:

The parents of Trayvon Martin say they are taking no stance on a proposed boycott of Florida following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of their son.

Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said Friday that opponents of Zimmerman’s acquittal have the right to express themselves, but that she and the teen’s father are neither supporting nor opposing the proposal.

Fulton spoke during a packed news conference at the annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists.


Many seem to think Trayvon’s parents aren’t boycotting Florida because they are more focused on working towards amending the laws that helped free Zimmerman, while others seem to think their current residency in the state makes a boycott very difficult for them.


  1. It’s probably hard to boycott the state you live and work in. I’m not giving Florida my money though.

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