50 Cent Goes to Court for Domestic Violence Charges, Ex Gets Protective Order

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent is having quite a bit of legal troubles these days in addition to a rocky relationship with his teenage son Marquise Jackson. Aside from the issues he’s having with Marquise, he’s also having quite the drama with his ex girlfriend and now baby mama Daphne Joy. The model recently accused the rapper of assaulting her, and she claims he trashed her place and didn’t leave before kicking her allegedly. She filed a police report and 50 was charged with domestic violence, and he had to show up to court this morning for a hearing on said charges. According to reports, 50 had to turn in his guns and there’s now a protective order against the rapper demanding he stays at least 100 yards away from Daphne. TMZ reports:

50 Cent has just pled not guilty to domestic violence charges — after allegedly attacking his baby mama in her home in June — but a judge still ordered him to stay the hell away from her … and TURN IN ALL HIS GUNS.

According to the protective order, 50 is also prohibited from contacting model Daphne Joy — the alleged mother of his second child — in any way. He must stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

And this is interesting — on his way out of L.A. court Monday morning, a process server hit 50 with a stack of legal papers. The process server told us the docs were related to this case.


Another court date for the matter has been set for next month.


  1. 50 cent is certified douche bag I always knew he was a jerk but now he is proving it. I hope this is a lesson learned for his gold digging baby mama getting attached to a famous wealthy man has it’s drawbacks. Also a man who won’t lay claim to a child he brought in this world speaks volumes.

  2. This is 50’s karma. He’s done a lot of bad. But I don’t think he will go to jail. He has too much money, so he’ll get of like they all do.

  3. Man they are dragging this out. Either lock him up or slap him some stupid probation/community service already.

  4. 50 is the typical Cancer man. When it comes to business they are the best. But females……always the wrong choice. He is so worried about some female taking his money, but he picks gold diggers. There hasn’t been one woman he has been known to be with, that was worth anything. They had an agenda from the start…..get into his pockets and he kept buying. smh Oh well Daphne Joy hit the jackpot. The funny thing about these gold diggers they all think they are better then the other. lmao

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