Finally: Florida Stand Your Ground Law to be Reviewed This Fall

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Florida Stand Your Ground Law review will happen this fall. Ever since Trayvon Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman was found not guilty for fatally shooting the teenager, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law has been brought into question as many people were furious that Zimmerman was able to get away with murder because according to the law, he acted out of self defense. The trial outcome has resulted in  a boycott of Florida, which Trayvon Martin’s parents take no stance in the movement currently going on. Citizens all over the country, including those who reside in the state of Florida, have insisted state representatives revisit the law and make some serious changes to it immediately. The move is finally about to be made as a speaker for Florida’s House of Reps announced last Friday that Florida’s legislature will be holding hearings on the law this upcoming fall, ThinkProgress reports:

Will Weatherford, the Republican speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives, revealed on Friday that the state’s legislature will hold hearings on its infamous “Stand Your Ground” laws sometime this fall. While the announcement came buried in one sentence of a defensive opinion piece published this past Thursday in the Tampa Tribune, Reuters nonetheless characterized it as “the biggest concession yet by the state’s Republican leaders to protesters’ demands for a top-to-bottom review of the law.”

While many people are glad to hear this news, there are some Republicans who aren’t at all enthusiastic about making changes to the law and don’t plan to alter a thing pertaining to it.


  1. Finally! I live in a stand your ground state and I hope this makes other states review the law as well and eventually repeal it.

  2. Hope this is not something just to keep us quiet. In the meantime, me and my family will still stay out of FL.

  3. I really don’t have a problem with the Stand Your Ground law. I’m a strong supporter of legal gun ownership especially for black people and definitely for black women. I believe that if someone is attacking you that you should not have to run away.

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