Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Claps Back at Royce Reed

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Royce Reed, Dwight Howard girlfriend Twitter beef? The Royce Reed and Dwight Howard drama continues as the former couple still hasn’t managed to figure out how to peacefully co-parent. As we reported recently, Royce has been very vocal about what she feels is the NBA star’s shortcomings as a father to their son Braylon. According to Royce, she feels he doesn’t spend enough time with their kid, and she’s even called him out about it on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Now that the NBA season is over, it appears Dwight has decided to spend two weeks with their son and do a bit of traveling, however, Royce Reed claimed in recent paperwork filed with the court that Braylon could be in danger because Dwight wasn’t returning her phone calls and she wasn’t sure if the child was taking his meds.

Royce still didn’t get as much of a peep from Dwight after filing the paper work which requested an emergency hearing, so Royce decided to take matters to Twitter. She tweeted Dwight and his girlfriend/baby mama Christine Vest, and although Dwight Howard stayed silent, Christine decided to give Royce a piece of her mind.

After Royce told her she should behave like the Christian woman she claims to be and let her talk to her son, Christine clapped back and suggested Royce was being dramatic. Check out the Twitter conversation below (read tweets from top to bottom):

royce reed and dwight howard girlfriend beef

royce reed and dwight howard girlfriend beef 2

royce reed and dwight howard girlfriend beef 3


Royce kept it cool during the Twitter exchange, but it’s pretty clear she wasn’t happy with the conversation considering Christine made it seem like she was just pulling a stunt. So Royce suggested in a cryptic tweet that she made a screenshot of their conversation and plans to use it in the future to her advantage:

royce reed and dwight howard girlfriend beef 5


We have a feeling this is far from over.


  1. Christine shouldn’t have tweeted Royce. Pick up the phone and resolve the issue like an adult. I see she’s learning quickly how to be childish from Dwight.

  2. Christine will see soon enough how Dwight does women he impregnates. We’ll see how she handles it. LOL.

  3. Don’t yall miss the days when people used to pick up the phones and handle things in private? Welp Twitter and Facebook have put an end to that.

  4. It’s getting ridiculous how people are using Twitter like a phone. This conversation should be on the phone. Furthermore Christine can say all of this but can’t say Dwight Howard is her baby daddy she is nothing but Dwight Howard’s puppet he won’t even acknowledge her and his new born son.

    1. Yeah but you would think Dwight wouldn’t be so messy and allow her to talk to their son. Had she pulled the same move he’d take her to court and try to get primary custody. He’s being dirty and it’s unnecessary.

  5. I gotta give this girl Christine the side eye. She should really be more understanding and patient with Royce because she is now a mom herself and it’s not like it can’t happen to her. Dwight is obviously someone who has serious issues away from the public. No real man would put the mother of his kids through this and I believe Royce. She’s the most honest person to come from that BBW trash.

  6. I feel for Christine she is putting a lot of christian women to shame. I hope she finds a job before dwight dumps her

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