Stevie J. Puts Mimi on Blast, Says She Was Joseline Back in the Day

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Stevie J cheat on Eve with Mimi? The Stevie J., Mimi Faust, and Eve situation was one many people were skeptical about. Stevie J.’s relationship with Rapper Eve went through its rough patches as Stevie was said to be very unfaithful to Eve while they were together. And after the ‘adult’ tape the couple made together leaked out on the Internet, it caused even more drama for the two as Eve admitted the leaking of the tape really hurt her. Eve has since moved on from her romance with Stevie J.and is in a committed relationship with boyfriend Maximillion Cooper. However with Stevie being a part of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” more questions have arisen about their past relationship, including whether or not Stevie cheated on Eve with his daughter Eva’s mother Mimi Faust.

Considering the fact that Mimi and Stevie J. have been knowing each other for over 15 years, it was assumed they were messing around while Stevie was in a relationship with Eve. Mimi cleared things up by assuring everyone that she was not romantically involved with Stevie while he was dating Eve. But a recent comment Stevie made in reference to Mimi’s “role” during the time he was with Eve may cause people to give Mimi’s denial the side eye.

Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez have never been on the best of terms with each other, especially after Joseline got pregnant with Stevie’s baby on season one of LHHATL. And Mimi has blasted Joseline several times for messing around with Stevie while she was with him. Yet when a follower asked Stevie about what position Mimi played when he was with Eve, he says Mimi took on Joseline’s role back in the day:

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  1. It’s very possible this is true but because Stevie will lie for just about anything, he could be lying once again. I still haven’t seen a marriage certificate yet from him or Joseline. Liars.

  2. I can believe that. If they do it with you, they’ll do it to you. I do have to mention that I don’t even understand the attraction of this idiot to these two women.

  3. yup I agree Stevie J is a jerk but, when women have low self esteem guess what ? they go with men like Stevie J……………….

  4. well joseline hernandez really isnt anything special and mimi faust yeah she made a sextape but shes way more then joseline hernandez will ever be at all and she is alot of a better person in general i think and really i dont care who doesnt agree with me at all its my opinion like it or not owell and everyone knows mimi Loves stevie j dont care what anyone says and nikko aint her main either if joseline was out of the picture stevie j most likely would be tryna get back with mimi and stevie j on the next episode joseline says oh i seen ass n titties in your phone So He Aint Faithful To You Either Jose You A SideChick And Always Will Be Difference Between You and Mimi Is She Got Stevie J Baby You Dont You Gave That Up Your Just Low And A Piece Of Shit

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