Tameka Raymond Shuts Down Rumors of Joining ‘Hollywood Exes’ Spinoff

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Hollywood Exes Atlanta cast to include Tameka Raymond? Tameka Raymond’s split from Singer Usher was highly publicized as both Tameka and Usher got their chance to speak on the things that occurred while they were together which led to the demise of their marriage. Aside from the problems they faced in their marriage, Tameka and Usher’s custody battle over their two children has been surrounded with just as much drama. Even with Usher having primary custody over the boys, the battle with Tameka may not be over just yet as the judge over their case is being investigated for supposedly doing some underhanded things in reference to their custody case.

Although Tameka has openly talked about her experiences with Usher in interviews, whispers have suggested that she is headed to the world of reality TV to dish out more details of their relationship. Tameka Raymond has been rumored to be joining the cast for the “Hollywood Exes”  spinoff show in Atlanta. With the news of Tameka supposedly joining the reality TV show, many assumed she would use her time on the show as a platform to bash Usher and put him on blast.

Tameka claimed she won’t be spilling any tea on her ex-husband but she didn’t exactly deny the reports of her joining the spinoff’s cast…until now. One of Tameka’s followers on Twitter asked her about the talk of her joining the “Hollywood Exes Atlanta” cast. And Tameka replied by saying she isn’t joining the cast as far as she knows:

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  1. Well good for her. I think reality TV does more hard than good for a person anyway. She has enough drama anyway.

  2. Usher probably has gag order on her anyway, so it’s not like she could say much to make the show interesting.

  3. I never understood why Tameka got so much hate from other women. She’s not any different from other women who marry up…but she gets it the worst. Is it because most of these women are so blind and still feel Usher is some kind of saint? Please. He treated his own mom like sh-t.

  4. I’m actually glad to hear this. I’m tired of exes jumping at the first chance to do these reality shows.

  5. So I guess VH1 made this rumor up to get some buzz for the show. The first one was so boring I couldn’t watch it past the third episode. All those women do is sit around and talk about their famous exes all day. #SnoozeFest

  6. We’ll see. I think she would do it if she had the right opportunity. She’s probably holding out for RHOA.

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