Florida Police Officer Gets Fired After Celebrating Trayvon Martin’s Death

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Officer fired over Facebook post celebrating Trayvon Martin’s death? The result of the Trayvon Martin murder trial has caused many people to lose faith in our country’s justice system. But instead of just voicing their opinions and concerns about the trial verdict and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law on social media networks, action is being taken to ensure the fight for justice for Trayvon and others like him continues on. As the vast majority of people are not pleased with George Zimmerman’s acquittal and hoping Trayvon Martin’s parents get the chance to seek justice through a civil suit, there are some who heavily support Zimmerman and have even protested against people who are standing behind Trayvon’s family. A beach officer in Florida was apparently very pleased about Trayvon’s murder as he lost his job over some insensitive comments he posted on Facebook.

Here’s the report from The Miami Herald via The Associated Press:

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported Todd Snipes was fired Friday for unprofessional conduct. County officials say Snipes showed “horrible judgment made worse during a racially charged atmosphere.”

Snipes is accused of writing a post on Facebook after George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the 17-year-old’s death that read: “Another thug gone. Pull up your pants and be respectful. Bye bye thug r.i.p.”

The site also goes on to say that Officer Snipes served as an officer for 15 years and was a lifeguard for 24 and although Snipes issued an apology, an official says his apology will not suffice considering the damage the post has done.


  1. Actually Zimmerman is more of a thug than Trayvon was. I mean he did fight a cop. But I guess he’s not black so he can’t get the thug label. Smh.

  2. As he should have been fired. We live in a very sick world the sad thing is a lot of people feel this way. Sad

  3. Celebrating the death of an innocent teenager, smh. Glad he was fired. This world sure has a lot of scary idiots.

  4. Glad he was fired. He called Trayvon a thug? Really? The thug is his killer. Trayvon I’d not, repeat, did not have a criminal record! Hs killer does though. But since he’s not AA, it must be ok in the eyes of white folks. As far as his fake apology, f… him and Trigger.

  5. Could not have happened to a more deserving fellow.

    If any of you have the time, please Google “Tim Wise the week in white deviance or daaaammm why are we so crazy” for a good read. Wise, who is White, gave an excellent commentary on how White America points an accusing finger at Black folk while ignoring themselves, which he describes as being the craziest of them all.

  6. The sad part is that this gentleman just happened to get caught. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals just like this man who are completely unknown to us.

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