Russell Westbrook Gets Clowned for Teen Choice Awards Outfit

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Russell Westbrook fashion is always controversial. When it comes to fashion, it’s pretty clear not everyone will always be able to agree on what’s fashionable and what’s dreadful. But it’s definitely not easy for men to become fashion forward and take risks when they are in the public eye, yet more and more professional athletes are breaking the mold and wearing what they want to despite the backlash they receive for stepping outside of the box. Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade knows that better than anyone and he’s made it clear he almost loves fashion as much as he loves the game of basketball. Despite getting criticized and clowned for rocking capris and snug clothing, he continues to wear whatever he feels like. And he’s not alone. Russell Westbrook is also a huge lover of fashion and a lot of the times his choice in clothes leads to him getting dragged on Twitter.

The Oklahoma City Thunder player attended the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, but his look itself became the big talk on Twitter and other social media sites.

Westbrook rocked what appears to be athletic type capris, sneakers and a very tight-fitting sleeveless top. The jokes began after he posted photos of his outfit to his own Instagram account and it became global once he made his appearance on the red carpet with his mother:

russell westbook fashion
russell westbook fashion 2


It didn’t take long for Russell to get clowned on Twitter. Here’s some of the most interesting tweets:

I actually like Russell Westbrook’s new wardrobe. He reminds me of a super hero.

Someone gotta slap Russell Westbrook in the back of his head

Russell Westbrook has to be conducting a long-term troll/ performance art piece.

Why’s Russell Westbrook dressed like a lesbian though???

they said Russell Westbrook lookd like a power ranger last night at the teen choice award. LMFAO

Kanye West HAS to be Russell Westbrook’s favorite artist.

What is wrong with Russell Westbrook? Why you gotta dress like that on a daily basis? Could you please answer me @russwest44 and explain?

Where the h*ll does Russell Westbrook get his outfits from?????

Who in the h*ll is dressing Russell Westbrook?! I swear it looks like a table cloth mixed with a dress.

Apparently, Kirk Franklin and Russell Westbrook shop at the same place that no one knows about but them…

Where’s Russell Westbrook’s friends at? Why they not stopping they mans?


What do you think about Russell’s outfit? Fashion forward and misunderstood or terrible? Did it really deserve so much attention on Twitter?


  1. Why don’t these men understand being out of the box doesn’t mean you have to walk out of the house looking stupid?

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