Usher’s Son is Released from the Hospital

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher and Tameka Raymond’s custody battle appeared to be reignited after their son Usher V had a very scary accident involving a swimming pool last week and the incident landed him in the hospital. It didn’t take long before Tameka filed paperwork with the court requesting primary custody of the former couple’s two kids, and she promptly requested an emergency custody hearing because she felt Usher was away too much for work and the people he’s tapped to watch the boys are unfit. Tameka was granted the emergency hearing, but in the end Usher would retain primary custody of their sons. Although Usher hugged his ex-wife in court once learning he would retain custody, Tameka called the action nothing more than a media ploy and told reporters she plans to keep fighting for primary custody and both will head back to court later this month.

Despite all the back and forth with Tameka and Usher, the most important thing remains to be their son’s status and it appears Usher V is doing good as he was released from the hospital the other day. According to TMZ, the paps were able to snap pictures on Monday of the young child sporting what appeared to be a large bandage on his arm, and he was in the care of his grandmother (Usher’s Mom) at the time. The site says the pair were leaving an indoor play center in Atlanta called Mighty Jumps on Monday afternoon, and it looks as if he’s back to being a five-year old and playing hard because the establishment is known for its moon bounces and flying children.

We’re glad to see Usher V out of the hospital and looking healthy.

In related news, Tameka says the emergency hearing wasn’t a custody battle and that her retrial actually starts later this month. As we reported recently, the Georgia judge who stripped her of custody was investigated for unethical behavior and eventually stepped down.

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  1. Great! I’m glad he’s out. Now if only Usher and Tameka could get over themselves and drop this bee they have going on.

  2. I wonder why they just can’t agree to joint custody? Why does either parent feel the need to have primary custody? I just think it’s all spiteful.

  3. Welp. It’s back on I guess later this month. I’m over Tameka and Usher. At what point will they realize it’s not about them but the children? Be good parents and squash the stupid beef.

  4. Tameka needs to stay off Twitter. It’s probably one of the reasons she keeps losing in court. Stop talking so much. Do your talking in court.

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