Tameka Raymond Addresses Mental Disorder Diagnosis & Why Things Have Gotten Nasty with Usher

Photo Credit: GMA/ABC
Photo Credit: GMA/ABC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tameka Raymond and her ex-husband Usher are set to continue their custody battle at the end of this month, but Tameka is speaking out more and more about her current drama with her famous ex. As we reported recently, a judge ruled for Usher to retain primary custody of the former couple’s two sons after Usher V ended up in a hospital after a scary swimming pool accident, but Tameka has vowed to keep fighting for her boys. However, she thinks Usher is using his star power to gain advantage in the court of public opinion and she’s been doing interviews with “Good Morning America” and tweeting her side via her Twitter account to defend herself.

Part two of Tameka’s interview with GMA aired Thursday morning, and in the second half of the interview Tameka talked more about how things got so nasty with Usher, her recent mental disorder diagnosis and she denies her battle with Usher is actually over keeping her $8000 a month child support, which Usher has filed paperwork to reduce drastically.

Here are the highlights.

On the good moments of her former relationship and marriage to Usher, she says:

“We did a lot of travel. We both are foodies, we loved to eat, hang out. There’s many, many good parts.”


When asked why things have gotten so ugly between her and Usher, Tameka says:

“Because he filed for full custody. He filed to take my children away.”


On why she thinks he won in court twice:

“I think that wealthy men and men that are of status are winning these cases and it’s kind of amazing because they’re winning them but it’s like these are very busy men. That’s why they’re wealthy.”


Tameka revealed in the first half of the interview that an evaluation ordered by Usher claimed she has a mental disorder. She explains the diagnosis:

“The site evaluation is something that his side ordered and said that we both had to take it. I had narcissistic personality traits. That’s what the diagnosis was. You do a test and they ask you a series of questions like when you’re walking down the street, do you feel like people are looking at you? Well my answer’s yes. But I was doing it based off yes when I’m walking down the street, people do point and say, ‘Oh that’s Usher’s ex-wife.’ I think we all have a little narcissistic personality disorder. Especially those of us in the limelight. But I don’t think it’s something that affects your parenting.”


When asked if her commitment to fight Usher over her kids is really about holding on to her $8000 a month child support payment, Tameka says anyone that thinks this is about child support is crazy:

“Not to like gloat or anything, I come from a very well-earned career. I’ve made lots and lots of money and $8000 a month is not a lot of money to me. I’m grateful for it but for someone to think I don’t love my kids and this is about $8000, they are really crazy. That’s really ludicrous.”


Check out part two of the interview below:


  1. I do think Usher is using his fame to get the upper hand in court, but I don’t think doing these interviews will help her.

  2. She may not ever win her kids back, but if Usher’s intentions were to be malicious and hurt her by taking the kids, he will get his. God will see to that.

  3. Call me crazy but sometimes I think Usher does all this stuff to Tameka because there are still feelings there. I feel the same way about how Dwight does Royce. If you’re over someone, you won’t go into overtime to try to get them back.

  4. Honestly, Tameka’s not playing this smart. Who the hell cares what people in the public think?! The only person she needs to worry about convincing is the judge. And all these interviews don’t look good. She looks like she is loving the attention and more concerned about her image than her kids. That’s why Usher ain’t saying sh-t. Her lawyer needs to tell her to sit down and shut up.

    1. Agreed. I just don’t understand why her lawyer is not advising her to keep quiet. Maybe Usher is paying her lawyer. LOL.

  5. She’s going to lose again at the end of the month if she keeps this up. There’s a reason why Usher doesn’t give interviews while legal issues are pending.

  6. I am so sick of hearing about these two I don’t understand why Usher won’t except joint custody with Tameka. Divorce and Custody brings out the worst in people.SMH

  7. Tameka is narcissistic! That’s why she cares so much about trying to change what people think about her. It’s not important. Getting your kids back is! Shut up and get ready for court.

  8. Call me crazy but I feel kind of bad for her..I think Usher is just doing this to show that he has control still. If he isn’t around what is the big deal if she has the kids…I am starting to look at Usher different he is turning into a complete Douche Bag…

  9. I haven’t followed this much, but from this article, I believe her. I could see how someone requesting full custody of your kids could send you on a warpath. I mean, you definitely can’t believe everything you read, but I can’t understand for the life of me what was done so badly that custody had to be taken away. Joint custody seems to be the most obvious decision in my opinion unless there is proof that Tameka is unfit. But she has a point. How is custody taken away from her only to have him leave the kids with the nanny or other family when he’s away? That’s mean. Nothing good can come from evil intentions.

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