Video: New Anti-Stand Your Ground Law PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin’s Death

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

The Anti Stand Your Ground Law PSA has generated much more talk surrounding Florida’s self-defense laws. Although many people will always view George Zimmerman as a murderer for taking the life of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin despite the outcome of the trial, he did nothing wrong according to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as he was able to claim he acted out of self-defense. Even though the trial is over, the dispute over the law that allowed Zimmerman to get away with murder as many are puzzled as to how he was able to use the “Stand Your Ground” law to his advantage while other residents of Florida weren’t able to do so.

As many people across the nation are continuing to show their support for Trayvon and his family, they are also making their voices heard when it comes to the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. The demand for the law to be changed or abolished altogether has finally been heard loud and clear as Florida’s House of Representatives are set to review the self-defense law some time this fall. With the news of the upcoming “Stand Your Ground” law hearings in Florida, the fact remains that there are numerous states other than Florida across the country who have similar, if not the same, laws. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is urging people to stand up against the “Stand Your Ground” laws in 26 states across the U.S. and started up a petition for people to sign to encourage their state legislators to speak out against “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Along with starting up a petition, the new anti-Stand Your Ground PSA the CSGV released reenacts Trayvon Martin’s murder. And it sends a strong message about “Stand Your Ground” laws and the impact they have on innocent victims.

Check out the powerful “Stand Up to ‘Stand Your Ground'” PSA below:




  1. This was great. I like that they incorporated all of the states with the Stand Your Ground Law and not just Florida.

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