K. Michelle & Tamar Braxton Explain Their Beef, Both Take More Shots

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton’s beef continues to be one of the strangest ones we’ve seen in a while when it comes to the music/R&B front. As we reported recently, the whole feud started after Tamar shaded K. Michelle in defense of her friend Toya Wright. Many of you may know if you watch “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” that K. Michelle accused Toya’s husband Memphitz of abusing her while they dated. Since then, both have had numerous Twitter beefs, with Tamar even slapping K. Michelle with a Cease and Desist letter that didn’t seem to scare off K. Michelle any considering she still claps back on her Twitter account with no hesitation.

The latest Twitter showdown between K. Michelle and Tamar was actually over a wig. After K. Michelle made a recent appearance on 106 & Park, Tamar cryptically tweeted about losing her wig, making K. Michelle’s fans think Braxton was suggesting she was trying to copy her look. Of course K. Michelle clapped back and came for Tamar directly, and now the latest Twitter beef has spilled over into their radio interviews.

In an interview with The Rise & Grind, K. Michelle claims she thinks Tamar’s real issue with her is she’s bitter she’s trying to make her career happen in her 40s, and K. Michelle’s music career is taking off a lot faster:

“I don’t have no problem, but I guess it’s very depressing to be a 40-year-old muppet still trying to shake and make it. I wasn’t doing anything, I was working. I have actually even said good things, I like “Love and War.” I like the record. I’ve been saying really positive things about this woman, and she just can not take it. She can not take all of me.

“I’m out here working, being positive, doing what I need to do. And I’m on 106th and Park, presenting my album, and you watching … and you want to comment on what I’m doing. It’s a wig, you 40 fighting over a wig.”


Tamar has also been popping off in her interviews as of late, and she claims the shade she threw was for her former hair stylist she feels K. Michelle stalked for a new hairdo. She tells Muthaknows:

“There’s nothing going on with me and K. Michelle. I didn’t at anybody (on Twitter). I really wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about the wig maker whom of which she stalked to get her her wig made by the same person. And that’s fine. He makes great wigs. People have to be exposed for the lies they tell.

“In every situation I’ve had with this person, she’s invited herself to it like the whole Toya situation. I wasn’t talking to her.”


Tamar then goes on to say that her hubby Vince called Mona Scott Young and demanded K. Michelle apologize when the beef first started, and K. Michelle offered to call and apologize. Then she says she demanded K. Michelle apologize in public and the “Rebellious Soul” singer has yet to do so.

K. Michelle may not be planning to apologize to Tamar anytime soon, but she did tell a fan on Twitter that she doesn’t dislike Tamar, but she won’t tolerate the jabs she throws either:


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  1. Tamar is being really immature. It’s just a wig and the whole Memphitz things has nothing to do with her. She likes to throw shade and then play clueless when she gets called out. She’s too old for this.

  2. So was Tamar talking about herself when she said people needed to be exposed for the lies they tell? Hope so.

  3. Tamar irks me with how she likes to keep pretending like Vince is oh so powerful. If he was such a big dog then why is she still trying to make her career happen?

  4. Whoever said Tamar like to throw rocks and hide her hands were absolutely right. She started this whole mess trying to take up for Toya for a situation she knows nothing about.I’m so close to being done w/ Tamar I don’t care how good she can sing she starting to show her true colors.

  5. Tamar is getting on my last nerves. All this for what? A wig? For Toya who hasn’t said a thing about the whole Memphitz thing since last season? She needs to grow up. She’s a mom now. Smh.

  6. Tamar has such a stank attitude. Nobody cares about Vince. He is not that powerful as we all can see because K. Michelle just did that in album sales boo. Time to focus on your own album Tamar!

  7. Tamar is such a drama queen. She loves to start fights and then scream victim later. Some women don’t play games, and they don’t do all that shade and tweeting. They will come directly at you like K. did. That’s not bullying, that’s being direct.

  8. SMH SMH SMH… Tamar can sing but is petty and childish…. I mean…. she can dish but she can’t take it…. she knows damn well that was directed toward K… but whatever K released and album in less than a year and she’s been trying for 10 to release her second album…. really??? I’m here for Love & War but dang…. I highly doubt she’ll do as good as K just did… but good luck… and grow up ladies… it’s not cute anymore…

  9. Tamar has a real bad attitude and is very immature. She needs to focus on her music and her family. Yes, she has a nice voice but she’s not very likeable.

  10. Not to get off subject but I follow K.Michelle’s hair stylist on IG (his name is @tokyostylez). If that’s who Tamar is talking about he does make some great wigs…but to beef over it is a little much Tamar…

  11. What will be Tamar’s excuse when her album drops and it does NOT reach the same success as K. Michelle’s “Rebellious Soul.” When Tamar first hit the scene she thought she was the sh*t because “Toni Braxton” was her sister. She became a fan favorite on BFV because of her “characterized personality” which made her ego even bigger. I have watched the b*tch on “The Real” and she think she the queen of egypt or something. I DO think she a gold digger because I have NEVER seen her and vince be romantic (YUCK) it’s always a little peck on the cheek. She better slow down because in the end she gonna wind right up on her plastic face.

  12. It amazes me how ppl call tamar out for being outspoken but not one of you said this abt kmichelle who is constantly in altercations throwing slurs at everybody she not all tht tamar focuses on tamar true but she isnt beefing r having something to say abt everyone .kmichelle is extra her career was bust until the memphitz thing she still loves this man she claims beat her.the songs are clearly abt this man there is noone else .kmichelle has stolen tamars hairstyle and she has also stolen keisha cole style she should get her own.k is not a saint..she a sneaky messy b-tch .how many beefs has she been in.tamar is selfish she dont deny it.an she has gotten her life.they both can sing and its not a competition anyway

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