Martell Holt Addresses Accusations Made by Kenya Moore + Tamar Braxton Throws Shade

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Not everyone is a fan of Martell Holt and Sheree Whitfield’s romance.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt will be making his debut on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” very soon. As we reported, Martell and Sheree Whitfield confirmed they are dating. The LAMH cast has even spent some time with Sheree over the last several months. Destiny Payton went on a double date with them. Marsau Scott assumed Melody Shari was “bothered” by the romance. And he even said that Sheree is actually an “upgrade” for Martell. Melody felt like this was absurd to think. She said Marsau’s comment was just an attempt to pit her and Sheree against each other. But she refuses to take the bait.

While the LAMH cast has been pretty encouraging of Martell’s time with Sheree, the RHOA cast hasn’t been all that receptive. In fact, Kandi Burruss said she wasn’t sure Martell had innocent intentions. Kandi said she was told that Martell allegedly tried to date another OWN reality star for publicity. So Kandi was thinking that Martell was just trying to use Sheree to raise his own profile. As Sheree and Martell’s romance went on, Kandi also expressed that Sheree may be in on the supposed ruse.

Sheree and Martell have since clapped back. Unfortunately, Todd Tucker was dragged into the mess. And both think that Todd is the opportunist, not Martell.

Kenya Moore isn’t thrilled about Sheree’s relationship with Martell either. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Sheree to date a man who ruined his marriage via a longtime affair and eventually fathered a baby outside of the marriage. And she doesn’t believe Martell has changed.

Martell Holt addressed the claims made by Kenya Moore.

Interestingly enough, Kenya and Kandi both made more accusations about Martell while filming the upcoming season. Kandi alleged that Martell was entertaining another woman in Atlanta. And Kenya alleged that Martell tried to hit on her in her DMs before meeting Sheree.

Well, Martell addressed this when he and Carlos King made an appearance on Dish Nation recently.

Martell said, “She said I was in her DMs and it was about six months ago. I’m like let me just see if I ever messaged her. I looked at my phone, I did DM. I’m like **** I did.”

He continued, “But I said thank you so much for your praise or whatever she said in an interview with you Carlos. And that was it. I said thank you. So I went and threw the phone on the table. And I said look at that. I said why the **** you lying like I was trying to holler at you or something?”

Jessie Woo then asked, “So she made it seem like that’s what it was?”

Martell answered, “Yes and it was two years ago. Not six months ago.”

Tamar Braxton threw some shade.

Jessie accepted Martell’s version of events, “So she waited until the cameras came up to bring that up?”

Martell then went on to accuse Kenya of using him for a storyline, “I said look at her trying to get a storyline. Not from me you won’t. I’m finna kill that.”

The interview becomes really shady at this point.

Headkrack then asks, “But what kind of tone could someone read that in where it would even sound like romantic or a shot?”

Tamar Braxton adds, “When you’re 50 and single.”


  1. I’m judging all of these people for kissing Martell’s a-s like true clowns. Tamar wants all the sympathy in the world when she’s mean as f-ck for no reason. This is how I knew she started that sh-t with Kandi. She’s never going to change.

    1. People love making themselves look stupid just for Martell’s approval. It’s so weird. Why does this awful man have such a hold over people?

    1. I totally agree. Tamar will never have true happiness because it’s a thing called Karma. She needs to grow up.

  2. Martell tells lies as much as he breathes but it’s Kenya they’re all shading here. Typical. The more posts I read, the more I see Shannon really speaks a lot of uncomfortable truths on here.

  3. Nothing Tamar does surprises me or moves me. I saw how awful she treated her own sisters on BFV. She’s not a good person so there’s that. I’ll never believe a word that comes out of Martell’s mouth. He’s using Sheree and RHOA to clean up his image and only gullible people are falling for it.

  4. Wait, not the Tamar that had to go on a reality show to “find love” and the best she could do is a man with 5 outside kids? Not the Tamar that is “so in love” that’s above “the drama”…she must be looking for a peach..

    1. Shots fired. You brought out the AK 47 and uzi.. you’re speaking nothing but the truth and facts. I know Vincent H. Is the happiest he has ever been since they parted ways.

  5. This whole video was musty. Imagine hating Kenya so much that you believe every word coming out of Martell’s mouth. Couldn’t be me.


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