K. Michelle Gets Slammed by Fans over Religious Beliefs?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle has managed to do what most reality stars can’t, and that’s using her television fame to create a successful music career. In fact, K. Michelle’s debut studio album “Rebellious Soul” actually outperformed in first week sales against established R&B singers Kelly Rowland and Ciara. And even though K. Michelle’s music career seems to be only getting better and she’s soaring as a solo artist, she still has reality television in the palm of her hands. K. Michelle will not only be on the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” but she landed her very own reality show and it’s set to premiere in the fall and Elle Varner will join her.

K. Michelle’s relatable music and the loyalty of her fans are the main reasons K. Michelle’s album is doing so well, but she may have disappointed quite a few of them the other day after she posted a photo that seemed pretty innocent at first.

The singer has been happily dating NBA player Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers, and she posted a photo of one of their romantic nights. In the photo, K. Michelle showed her fans that they would be eating a romantic dinner and enjoying some wine. However, her fans paid more attention to the small Buddha statue she had by her lit candles. She posted the following photo and caption:

k. michelle buddha

Cooking a nice dinner, baking, nice glass of wine, and Fresh flowers A grown and sexy kind of night. #NoStress


Some of the singer’s fans made it clear they were not happy she had a Buddha statue in her home and they slammed what they thought was her confirmation of opposite religious beliefs than theirs. Angry fans write:


Buddha That’s the prob U need. JESUS!!!!

U better stop praying to Buddha and pray to God!

but if she’s a firm believer in God then she wont have that in her house period Now some of yall need to crack up a bible not a book & read because if u did u would know that God is a jealous God & u should serve no one but him I love @kmichellemusic but I don’t condone this statue being in her house


K. Michelle hasn’t responded to the criticism as of yet, but judging by her past Twitter behavior, we wouldn’t be surprised if she did.


  1. Not everyone who has a Buddha statue in their home practices the religion. For many, it’s a symbol of maintaing peace and tranquility in their lives!

  2. I think she is a Christian. She probably just think it’s cute to have that on her house. She’s not the only one.

  3. I’ve seen some Christians do this. They don’t seem to understand that they aren’t supposed to have that in their house if they serve Jesus. He’s a jealous God.

  4. Yet another celebrity displaying their religious ignorance. For the record, K. Michelle is a Christian. Just not very smart.

  5. People are so damn judgmental. Who cares if she has a Buddha statue in her home? And? What does that have to do with being a fan? People need to get laid and smoke a blunt. Chill out. We’re too quick to get offended these days.

  6. A lot of people have no idea what the Buddha statues symbolizes. But I will say you won’t see Buddhists with Jesus statues in their homes. Muslims either. Think about it.

    1. Thank you! I love K. but she’s very misinformed if she thinks that’s ok. But she’s not alone. I’ve seen several Christians do this.

  7. Christians are some of the most hypocritical people in the world. Now why would you have a buddha statue in your home and that’s not your religion? Because most of you are lost!

  8. Our God is a very jealous God. If you serve Jesus, there’s no reason to have a statue of any other god. The Buddhists view Buddha as we view Jesus. They worship him. They pray to him. So a Christian should not have this in their home. You cannot serve two gods.

  9. The same reasons Christians have crosses on. Isnt it a graven image? And thats a sin. Stop judging people when 95% of christians do not even believe in Jesus

    1. I agree with the graven image statement; however, you lost me with your 95% stat. :-/ Either way I think she is using it for decor…….

    2. Well if they don’t believe in Jesus, they wouldn’t be a CHRISTian, which by definition means follower of Christ. Please have a seat.

  10. Not every black person or black celebrity is a Christian. Half of the people talking about cracking open the Bible and doing research haven’t even read the bible from cover to cover, let alone one page of it. I’ve read the bible, even took a class on it. There is absolutely nothing good about it. People should seriously keep there religion to them selves. Not every black person is going to practice the same thing, if we were meant to be the same, think the same, etc… then we would have been. We aren’t so effing get over it.

  11. It’s always so hilarious and hypocritical to me for people to say people shouldn’t judge someone’s religious beliefs if they aren’t Christian, but in the next breath or word they are on here judging Christianity and the bible. The hypocrisy is so blatant.

    Anyway, I don’t really care too much what K. Michelle believes or doesn’t believe. I know I believe in God and I know Jesus died for my sins. I believe in the bible and the right to choose what path to take. But I don’t think K. Michelle is a Buddhist. She’s talked about God and church in the past. It’s probably just decor. Lots of Christians do this. Not saying it’s right, but it is what it is.

  12. Did anyone stop to think it could just be decoration in her house??????????? People use all sorts of things in their home as decoration. I know someone who has an Asian theme in her dining room and the Buddha is apart of her decor but she does not practice the religion. C’mon people, it’s not that serious. Geesh!

  13. I will admit I understand some of the points made, but I can honestly admit I don’t always do the things Christians should do so I’d rather just mind my business than speak on hers.

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