K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson Break Up?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson break up? K. Michelle recently announced her time on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has come to an end and the reality star will appear on the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop New York” in order to get viewers ready for her own reality show with Elle Varner which is expected to premiere in the fall. While reality television was the platform she used to get her current record deal with Warner Bros., at this point of her music career things are definitely taking off. K. Michelle’s latest studio album “Rebellious Soul” is doing well in album sales and its position on the charts is something for the singer to be proud of, and she’s even expected to release a deluxe version of the album around Christmas. But K. Michelle’s happiness for the last few months exceeds just her popping music career and reality TV notoriety, the singer has also been dating and completely smitten by NBA player Lance Stephenson.

Despite reports from months ago suggesting the athlete was still creeping around with his baby mama and had even gotten her pregnant again, K. Michelle said the reports were bogus and she and Lance were still going strong. She even recently took to her Twitter account to reveal that her romance with Lance is the longest she’s had in a while and things were looking up. However, for the last few days, it appears that the couple may be on the rocks.

K. Michelle has been posting some rather interesting captions in her photos of Instagram as of late and she’s making many suspect that she and Lance have called it quits:

k. michelle lance stephenson break up

k. michelle lance stephenson break up 2
Neither K. Michelle or Lance have confirmed their breakup but it sure does seem like the romance may very well be over.


  1. Well we knew this was coming. He was probably still messing around with his baby momma anyway. It’s time for her to stop dating these basketball players.

  2. She has the worst taste in men. And why do these singers keep trying to date the NBA players? Do they really think they will be faithful just because they are famous? Um no. They don’t care. They will cheat on anyone they are with. Now she needs to leave him alone and let this be the last NBA player she dates.

  3. Oh well. I know she’s hurt but she has to learn that these athletes don’t mean her any good. Hopefully she won’t date another one.

  4. It’s funny that she’s mad he was cheating but she gave an interview not too long ago saying all men cheat and women just need to accept it. Bird couldn’t take her own advice, huh? I can’t stand when women talk that dumb sh-t.

  5. She’ll be fine. I’m not sure why she thought that would work out anyway. He’s in the NBA for crying out loud. Those men sleep around more than Kim Kardashian. Yikes.

  6. Lance is the cause of this break up. The whole thing happend when Lance posted a picture on Instagram of his hair cut. In the background there was a woman (supposedly his baby momma) in his bed. People noticed commented and started notifying K of the picture. Someone then commented on the picture K posted (the first pic above) and told her she deserved betterto which she replied “He won’t cheat on me anymore. I said goodbye. I’m done.” The picture Lance posted ended up being deleted by him. Just minutes after this happend Lance posted a picture of himself and K hugged up saying “This pic tells it all”. I guess he thought that would make it all better. But K’s fans started calling him out on what he did and deleted that picture too. (BTW: K liked the pic of them together). Lance started blocking people because he was being dragged. K has deleted all their pics off her IG meanwhile he’s still got all their pics up on his. I think she’s done with him.

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