K. Michelle Confirms She is Still Dating Lance Stephenson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star and R&B singer K. Michelle has already proven that she can successfully transition from television to music, and her debut studio album “Rebellious Soul” is performing well on the charts, not to mention her current single “V.S.O.P.” is getting lots of spins on the radio. K. Michelle is also set to premiere her own reality show with Elle Varner sometime this year, and she has already made it clear the timing couldn’t be better because she’s over the drama from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” But when it comes to K. Michelle’s luck with men, her track record hasn’t been the best.

As we recently reported, K. Michelle briefly dated New York Knicks player J. R. Smith and although she was smitten by the professional athlete, things went sour pretty quick when she began to suspect he was picking up other women on his Twitter account. The accusations didn’t bode too well with the athlete and he began to take shots at the singer on his Twitter account once things went sour. It was surely an embarrassing end to her relationship with J.R. Smith and she claimed she was done dating bad boys as a result of their falling out.

Now the singer has been dating Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson for the last couple of months, but rumors suggest he may still be creeping around with his baby mama. Yesterday, one of our readers claimed he may have been caught in the act after he posted a photo of himself with his baby mama in the background in his bed to Instagram, and after K. Michelle’s fans pointed it out to the singer, she wrote on Instagram that she had broken up with the athlete. This of course was followed up with cryptic posts in which she stated how much she hates liars and why she’s not worried about men anymore.

We’re not sure what took place in the last 24 hours, but K. Michelle just confirmed that she is still dating Lance. When one of her fans jokingly asked her if she could have her dog Pacer (who was a gift from Lance), K. Michelle told the fan her “boyfriend” wouldn’t be cool with that:

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  1. Well it’s on her now. She already knows he’s not loyal. Women will tolerate anything just to say they have a man sometimes.

    1. Cosign. These women better leave these athletes alone. Most of them cheat and they don’t care if you find out either. They feel a woman should just be thankful to have a man with money. Smh.

  2. Now yall know yall have done it before. Who hasn’t taken a cheating man back a few times before they really decided to move on? Don’t be so hard on her. She’ll wake up eventually. We all do.

    1. You’re right, I have. But I was 20. She should know better. It’s sad because she’s older than I am…but doesn’t act like it…

  3. I like Kmichelle but she is always looking for love and that is her down fall. Basketball player and he is only 23 is a bad combination for a serious relationship. This won’t end well.

  4. His dyck game must be crazy because she’s too old for this young dude. He’s immature and not faithful. And then his baby mama is fighting to stay in the picture. Yeah Gabriella, this will not end well. At all.

  5. K. Michelle thinks all men cheat…so it was only a matter of time before she made up in her mind it’s ok for him to be smashing his old chick on the side. Low self esteem got her trippin…

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