NeNe Leakes Calls out Kenya Moore, Calls Her Thirsty

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore beef escalates. If you watched the season premiere of season six of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then you already know that this season there will be tension between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes. NeNe revealed on the first episode of the season that she thought it was rude Kenya didn’t show up to her wedding and only offered her a congrats via Twitter, while Kenya thinks it was rude for NeNe to invite her ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson to the ceremony. Both of the ladies came face to face since NeNe’s big day for the first time at Cynthia Bailey’s unveiling of her new office space for The Bailey Agency, and it didn’t take long for the confrontation to become explosive. But NeNe was furious Kenya actually tried to turn things physical by pulling on her ear and grabbing her arm as she tried to walk away from the conversation.

NeNe took to her own blog the other day to explain why she feels the whole situation was hypocritical and she even called her RHOA cast mate out for being thirsty for attention. She writes:

Listen I am a smart girl. When I enter a room, I can feel the energy. I knew once Kenya entered that the foolishness was about to begin, so I tried to remove myself by taking a tour of Cynthia’s new space but ended up bumping into Kenya anyway. She approached me about why Walter was invited to my wedding and why I hadn’t reached out to her during her eviction drama. So let me answer! Surely someone who claims to be a top actress, producer, and director who is selling DVDs everywhere is not evicted! Besides this was not national news. This was on a few blogs. I didn’t feel the need to reach out about gossip. Why I invited Walter is simple: I was getting married! I will repeat, I was getting married, which means I invite whoever the hell I choose!

Now let me say this before I end. My Twitter blew up and my phone just about caught on fire when Kenya grabbed my ear. I have come a long ways baby! I know when somebody wants a reaction out of me for their own purposes. I know water is free in America, but so many of these girls are thirsty! I’m not willing to risk what I have, what I have worked for, and what I have become for somebody that has been on a 20 year hiatus! Now had that been me all up in somebody’s personal space, I would be called a bully, violent, aggressive, mean, and everything else, but it’s OK for people to violate me?



NeNe Leakes also said via Twitter that she’s thinking about pressing charges. No word from her camp yet if she’s serious or not. Check out a clip of the confrontation below:


  1. They are too old for this. And I thought NeNe was trying to become a serious actress? She might want to stop fighting with Kenya on TV because it’s not a good look for her.

  2. Whenever I see Cynthia stand next to Kenya, I forget who the former Ms. USA was. Cynthia is absolutely stunning with and without makeup.

  3. Kenya is getting ridiculous. I guess that’s why they brought her back for another season. She still has no man and she’s too over the top. Ugh.

  4. So childish and petty. Kenya needs to get over her fake relationship with Walter. I’m tired of hearing about it.

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