Instagram Tea: K. Michelle Works with Alicia Keys & Keyshia Cole Moves out on Hubby?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole and her NBA player husband Daniel Gibson have been having problems for a while now, but Keyshia decided it was best to start keeping her issues with her spouse off on social media. However, she’s been keeping people talking about the status of her marriage since she’s been photographed for the past two days with an Atlanta club promoter getting kind of a little too close for comfort for a married woman. This of course led many to believe that the marriage is pretty much done.

Well if it wasn’t enough that Keyshia has been hanging out with some club promoter in Atlanta over the weekend, she also told her fans via Instagram that she’s moving in to a new place in Los Angeles. This revelation made many suspect that she and Daniel are now separated and living apart, especially since she made no mention of him. She posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

keyshia cole instagram

Munch sleep and I’m up! Smh!! Gotta get back to sleep tho. Moving into my new place tomorrow. And rebuilding the studio I had in the crib in Cleveland. IN LA #Excited

Of course all this is just speculation for now. No word has been released officially from Keyshia or Daniel’s reps.


In more Instagram news, K. Michelle’s career continues to move forward in the right direction as the singer took to her Instagram account to tell her fans that she just wrapped up working with Alicia Keys. She posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

k. michelle and alicia keys

I really enjoyed @aliciakeys today. Very honored she choose me to work with.


There’s no word yet on if these two recorded a song together or if K. Michelle penned her a record. But K. Michelle’s fans were still excited nonetheless.


  1. It’s unfortunate things aren’t working out for Keyshia and Booby, but it happens sometimes. More often than not if I’m not mistaken. I’m happy to see K. Michelle living her dream though.

  2. But who’s surprised Keyshia and Booby are over? I’m sure not. Keyshia is a strong woman. She was NOT going to put up with an athlete being an athlete and cheating. And yes I think he cheated. Some women aren’t cut out for that (thank goodness). Hopefully they can stay civil for the kid.

    1. Agreed. I think he may have cheated too. He’s handsome and I’m sure women throw at it him all the time even though he’s married. It takes a strong man to be faithful.

  3. Wait she’s been kicking it with a ATL club promoter? Don’t do it Keyshia. Please. They are just as bad as athletes. Straight up whores.

  4. She’s back to the red hair again. LOL.

    Can’t say I’m surprised things didn’t work out with Keyshia and Daniel. It sucks because they looked so cute together. But Keyshia ain’t the one for games. This was doomed from the start of Daniel really did cheat.

  5. I think their marriage had a lot of issues. It probably wasn’t just Booby. Let’s be real, y’all see how Keyshia acts on Twitter. LOL.

  6. “or if K. Michelle penned her a record.”

    Lol you mean the other way around. Keys writes and co writes her own songs, and writes and produces for others too.

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