Erica Mena Says Alicia Keys Gets a Pass for Being a ‘Homewrecker’

Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s a lot of drama going down in season four of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” and so far the most popular storyline is easily the “love triangle” between Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace. Peter pulled a Steve J. and started sleeping with his artist Amina despite being in a committed relationship with his baby mama Tara, but he shocked folks when it was revealed he actually married Amina.

As to be expected, the whole situation has people slamming Amina left and right, and she said in a recent interview with Hot 97 that she doesn’t think it’s fair for people to label her a homewrecker because she claims Peter wasn’t upfront with her about his relationship with Tara.

Interestingly enough, her co-star Erica Mena came to her defense and she tells Juicy Magazine she thinks it’s unfair people are dragging Amina but they keep giving R&B star Alicia Keys a pass for allegedly sleeping with Swizz Beatz while he was still married to his ex-wife Mashonda. Erica says:

“I actually became an Amina fan when she pulled out that ID. Let’s not forget Alicia Keys did the same thing but no one bashes her. It’s not talked about because it’s all about how the story gets put out there, but it’s the same scenario. The only thing different is Alicia Keys really did know he was married.”


  1. Hmmm…I wouldn’t say Alicia got a pass. Her business was all on the blogs like anyone else’s. And the whole situation did cause her to lose some fans.

    1. She only got dragged on the urban blogs. White media didn’t cover the story. She didn’t get called out like Fantasia did. When Fanny’s drama was going down it was everywhere.

  2. I agree because I always felt like Fantasia got dragged way more than Alicia did when they both did the same thing. Even til this day people call Fanny everything but a child of God over that Antwaun dude but they still put Alicia Keys on some kind of pedestal when she already proved she’s not the good girl she claimed to be.

    1. Very good point. I also noticed that too. But at least Fantasia was real and admitted she did sleep with a married man. Alicia is still lying about it and that’s why I think it caused her to lose fans.

  3. I see no lies. Alicia’s fans still be trying to act like she’s all goody goody. Good chicks don’t sleep with married men.

  4. Alicia’s career hasn’t been the same since the whole Swizz/Mashonda thing, so I have to disagree that she got a pass. People did hold her accountable and she lost a lot of support.

  5. Media wise Alicia Keys did get a pass. Only the urban blogs were talking about it, Clive Davis made sure the bigger and white media outlets never talked about it. But in the end it did hurt her career and she hasn’t been as successful ever since because people stopped rocking with her over it.

  6. This is the first time I have ever agreed with Erica Mena. And kudos to the people who noticed Fantasia caught it way worse than Alicia did. Self hate is real. Alicia got a pass because of what she looks like. It’s unfair that we base who gets held responsible by looks.

  7. Truth! And honestly this is why I don’t support Alicia Keys anymore. She still won’t own up to what she did and she’s still pretending like she’s some woman right’s activist when she did a real woman mad dirty. I cannot get with someone that shady. Sorry.

  8. I agree Alice Keys lost many fans after the drama and krama also visited her by way of a sexting scandal between Swizz and Chrisina Elizabeth. Christina maid a statement to Bossip “I’m only making this statement because I’m being put out there as a liar and I am very embarrassed. I would like to confirm that the rumor about Swizz Beatz cheating on Mashonda with me is absolutely true. I would also like to confirm that the rumors about Swizz “sexting” me, even in his present marriage, are absolutely true. I am also confirming that I lost my cell phone and someone else posted all the stuff that you see on the internet.”

  9. Time Out!! Erica you were the mistress of DJ Envy for 2 years. You knew damn well he was married with kids. Girl, talk about yourself.
    Yes, I agree Alicia Keys displayed the same whorish behavior as you and Amena. Main stream media should have kicked her off her high horse but they didn’t for some odd reason. o_0

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