Mandeecees Harris Sentenced to 15 Years? Yandy Smith Speaks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mendeecees sentenced to 15 years? “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Yandy Smith’s very public romance with Mandeecees (Mendeecees) Harris was a major storyline on season three of the VH1 reality show, but the couple was instantly challenged after Harris was arrested on child molestation and federal drug charges. Mandeecees beat out the child molestation charges, but his fate regarding the federal drug charges is still up in the air. However, recently a new report claimed Mandeecees was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The last time anyone close to Mandeecees spoke on his current status, it was said that he had finally been granted a bail hearing. It appears that the bail hearing never happened and neither did the sentencing.

Yandy tweets (read from top to bottom):

mendeecees sentenced to 15 years


  1. I figured. They keep saying the same thing every month or so and Yandy has to keep setting the record straight.

  2. After watching the last episode of LHH I have really lost a lot of respect for Yandy. She is really delusional thinking Mendeeces is in jail over some hear say. Girl the feds don’t play that and he is in jail because they have factual proof. That attorney gave her much needed reality check and she even said it. Plus Mendeecees still hiding ish from her which is not a good sign.

  3. I was really rooting for them at first, but I just don’t know now. This guy has sooo much baggage and Yandy should have been smarter than to start dating him. She has a lot of business sense, but none at all when it comes to this man. We’ll just have to see how everything turns out.

  4. Mandeecees (can’t imagine what it was like for him learning to spell and write that growing up) may be keeping the facts from Yandy to prevent this from being aired on television. I know she’s Mona’s protege and whatnot but it appears that things cast members make it clear they don’t want to happen, Mona makes happen anyway. His charges have to be pretty serious…

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