K. Michelle Congratulates Tamar Braxton on Soul Train Music Awards Wins, Tamar Isn’t Moved

Photo Credit: Soul Train Music Awards/BET
Photo Credit: Soul Train Music Awards/BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton’s ongoing beef has led to numerous Twitter feuds and vicious interview jabs, but both singers have grown tired of the back and forth that’s been taking place ever since K. Michelle made her debut on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” K. Michelle has made an effort to end the beef, but Tamar wasn’t trying to move froward and squash things and continued to take even more shots. However, it appears that K. Michelle is trying once again to make peace with the Braxton singer.

Despite winning Best New Artist the other night at the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards,  K. Michelle took to Twitter to congratulate Tamar on her three Soul Train Music Awards wins. She tweets:

k. michelle tries to end feud with tamar

Too bad Tamar still wasn’t moved. Even though she agreed with a fan that it was a nice gesture, she still thinks too much damage has been done for both to move forward and start anew. She tweets:

tamar twitter


  1. K. Michelle needs to just accept that they will never be cool and Tamar will never forget what was said. Some people hold grudges. It is what it is.

  2. I don’t blame Tamar. K. Michelle has said some awful things about Tamar. There’s no coming back from that. Now leave her alone K.

    1. So what? Tamar STARTED every single confrontation between them. If I’m into with someone I’m going to read them for dear life! The truth of the matter is Tamar is childish and will never grow. As she said on the soul train award “POINT, BLANK, & THE PERIOD”!

  3. I don’t even blame Tamar. She’s winning and doing bigger things than K. Michelle. Who needs her congrats anyway? She will never be as big as Tamar because her attitude is so stank.

    1. Lol. And how big is Tamar exactly??? LMFAO!!! Please stop. I don’t know why stans try to big Tamar up to a certain status that she is not at yet. They BOTH performed last night and BOTH were in the same category. And honestly, K. Michelle vocals and performance was better than Tamar’s last night. Sooorrryyy…lol!

  4. It’s time for both of them to move on. They shouldn’t mention each other anymore at this point. Let it go and move forward even if a friendship won’t happen.

  5. Tamar really acts like the victim when she starts everything. This is the same woman who has thrown shade to bigger singers for no reason whatsoever than just being catty. Girl goodbye.

  6. Tamar is so petty. She and K don’t have to be friends and hang out everyday. Just accept it and move on like it’s over we too grown for this. This shows just how selfish Tamar is because this would be real good for their fans to see women squash the beef and move on like it was suppose to be from the beginning. Grow up Tamar!

  7. Why does K. Michelle even try though? Tamar ain’t Beyonce or anyone else on top. She’s no one you need in your corner. Forget about it.

  8. Congrats Tamar on your rewards! Continue to win. I’m glad you see straight threw k-Michelle fakeness. Crazy how people expect somebody to bow down to k-Michelle because somebody told her to be nice or apologies. She sure didn’t do it on her own. When somebody apologies over and over to everyone she is around. Who’s going to take them serious. Only her fans ( who she don’t give a f…k about either). She was just throwing shade at Tamar on the radio show, but people stay acting like she’s the victim or somebody always come for her. A-lie!

    1. K. doesn’t and didn’t have anything to apologize for when it comes to Tamar. Tamar win some soul train awards and act grand like she won a Grammy. Child please have a seat! Tamar is the one one who started to hold thing. I know you are a fan of Tamar but please get your facts together because Tamar will not make it very long with the way she act because she is very fake. She is really making it because of her husband and off being Toni’s little sister K is making it off pure talent

      1. So you’re saying Tamar doesn’t have talent???? You’re the one that needs to take several seat. Tamar can sing her butt off. Get your facts straight. And be real with yourself. No need to go any further. You put your foot in your mouth to say Tamar want make it far because of how she act. I’m not even going to speak on how k acts, because you should know for yourself. Next you’ll be called a monkey by her. You is her fan.

  9. Both of them need to have several seats though. They are on the same level and trying to get to the same place. They are both arrogant and neither one of them have any reason to be. Seriously. They ain’t superstars yet. Grow up and let it go.

  10. K. Michelle is obviously trying to squash this. It’s not about sucking up, being fake, or anything. I think she genuinely wants to be drama-free, and seeing as how they’re brought up in each other’s interviews, there is some drama there. A simple “thank you” would have sufficed. But, this is a prime example of why black women (and at times women in general) are seen as being unable to work with one another, get along, etc. Tamar must have forgotten that she’s said some pretty hurtful things as well. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. And squashing beef doesn’t mean becoming best friends. She needs to let it go, and at this point, K needs to stop trying.

  11. Both K michelle & Tamar Braxton are crazy as hell. Why does Tamar look like kim Kardashian & lil kim (had a baby)with that botox face. Gettin that wendy williams look smh. & K michelle got more a$$ injections + implants than than nicki minaj. Is this the new look for entertainers. Horrible & a hot mess! Stop all them surgeries & botox shots and maybe your brains will be normal again? Crazy ladies!lol

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