Kandi Burruss’ Mom Calls Todd Tucker Manipulative & Talks Him Cheating on Kandi

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Momma Joyce is getting so much backlash for her latest antics on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that it’s caused Kandi Burruss to break down in tears during her latest interview on “Watch What Happens Live.”

In the current season of the hit Bravo reality show, Joyce has made it clear on numerous occasions that she does not want her daughter to marry her fiancé Todd Tucker. Momma Joyce seems to think Todd is nothing more than an opportunist who only wants Kandi for her bank account and she’s expressed this so many times that Todd is completely frustrated and questioning if they will ever get married.

After almost coming to blows with Kandi’s friend Carmon and getting explosive reactions on social media, Joyce is currently not on speaking terms with Kandi and she’s now telling Radar Online that she is officially done with the whole situation. But of course that’s before she calls him manipulative and accuses him of cheating once again. Joyce says:

“I’m out of it. Whatever Kandi does, it is completely her decision now. I wish her well. I just hope that this is the right choice for her.

“They have worn me down to the point where it has made me sick. I just don’t feel like Todd is the right choice. I think he’s manipulative… I’ve tried to shield my child, but I’m tired. I’m over it. I pray to God I’m wrong about him.”


She then says that if Kandi is happy, she is happy but she once again brings up the cheating accusations that led to Carmon becoming outraged with Joyce during Kandi’s wedding dress shopping:

“A lot of people who worked for Kandi and I have told me that Todd and Carmon were acting like much more than friends around the house. They may have squashed the relationship for now, but I truly believe they were doing things behind Kandi’s back at one point.”


  1. This woman needs a man of her own. That’s the only way she will really remove herself out of her daughter’s relationship. The only way!

    1. If this ain’t the truth. The problem is Joyce doesn’t have a life of her own to tend to. She needs one quick or Kandi will never be able to keep a man.

  2. Yeah right. I don’t believe for a minute that she’s removed herself from the situation. That’s why she’s giving this interview. She needs to back away and get her own life. She’s too old for this.

  3. If she really wanted Kandi to be happy like she claims, she would just drop it and trust that Kandi can make her own decisions when it comes to men. She’s done nothing but stressed her daughter out. This isn’t making her happy, it’s hurting her.

  4. She’s even more manipulative than she thinks Todd is. Kandi is a grown woman who has the right to marry who she wants. All she can do is speak her opinion and back away to let Kandi make her own call. She has gone way above and beyond to try to manipulate Kandi into not marrying this man. She is wrong for that and she just needs to accept it.

  5. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Joyce. As moms all we can do is speak our truth and then we have to let our kids be grown and make their own choices. To take her shoe off and try to fight someone she has no proof did anything to hurt Kandi is ghetto and classless. I just hope Kandi will not become the woman her mom clearly is when she gets her age. Be better than that Kandi.

    1. I LOVE this. Thank you. I’m not a parent yet, but it’s good to see there are some moms out here that see there is something completely wrong with all of this.

  6. Chile BYE. She is a manipulator, opportunist and gold digger her damn self. I’m over her and her theatrics. Seriously.

  7. SMH this is so embarrassing how far this has gotten. Mama Joyce needs to let this go completely. She might be right about Todd but Kandi is grown and has to make her own decisions good,bad or indifferent. I mean damn Kandi is 37 years old. This just makes me appreciate my mother even more.

    1. Right. Kandi is grown and has a child of her own for God’s sake. Joyce needs to just sit down. This is just too much and she’s looking real stupid right now.

  8. Honestly Joyce is going to do this to every man who doesn’t make as much money as Kandi and that’s what makes her ignorant. Kandi could go back out here and get another celebrity or rapper or whatever, and 9 times out of 10 they would treat her like trash. Kandi’s smart enough to see that and that’s why she’s not looking for that. Todd has his own career and he’s a normal guy. That’s what Kandi wants and I don’t blame her.

  9. Sadly, Joyce will not stay out of this. Her ultimate goal is to see Kandi and Todd apart and she will not stop with her shenanigans until she does just that. She ran AJ away so she’ll do the same to Todd. And it really wouldn’t make a difference if this lady had a man or not because she would still be all up in Kandi’s business that she would neglect the man to ensure she sabotages Todd and Kandi’s relationship. Her not speaking to Kandi is nothing but a mind game because someone as weak as Kandi would not be able to tolerate her mother not speaking to her for too long before she lashes out at Todd, which gives Joyce what she wants! This woman has some serious issues!

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