Kandi Burruss Takes Shots at Chuck Smith’s ‘Man Parts’

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We already told you we heard from a little birdie that Chuck Smith and his wife Mynique are trying their hardest to secure permanent spots on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but we’re starting to wonder if both are regretting how far they have pushed the envelope just for a little camera time on the current season.

Chuck dated Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks back in the day, but when the cameras were rolling he basically said both were not girlfriends, but just groupies he entertained in the bedroom. He even says they were just on his “team.”

kandi burruss not having it

Phaedra isn’t fazed by Chuck’s comments and denies them, but Kandi has decided to slam him on social media to her followers.

Apparently Kandi doesn’t have fond memories of his “man parts.” She tweets (read from top to bottom):

kandi burruss twitter

Kandi also tweeted that the song she penned for TLC, “Girl Talk,” was about Chuck. In related news, Kandi also stopped by Atlanta radio station V-103 the other day and she told Big Tigger she really wants Chuck to stop lying on her:

“I’ve moved on, but I would appreciate it if he’d stop…On one hand, he tried to make it sound like I was dating all these people, but on the other hand, he felt the need to make me feel special. Can you get your story together? Stop lying.”


  1. Chuck and his wife are super lame to me. I really hope they don’t get spots on the show next season. I can’t stand them.

    1. I don’t care for them either but I do think they will get casted. They are messy and you know Bravo loves to put messy people on the show.

    2. Oh they will get on the show next season. And they will probably fire Porsha and hire those two. They are more entraining even if they aren’t very likable. LOL.

  2. I can’t stand when men lie on their “man parts.” I think they should stop doing it by their mid 20s. And Chuck is like in his 40s right so that’s pretty pathetic of him.

    1. Yeah I can’t stand it either. I had a homeboy who I used to hang with a lot and I found out he was lying to people and saying we were sleeping together. I had to embarrass him in front of all his friends and make him admit he was lying. Needless to say we’re not friends anymore. LOL.

    1. Chuck used to play for the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers back in the day. I think he was a defensive end.

    2. Gabriella I know you don’t do reality TV like that anymore, but you have to watch RHOA this season. It is one of the better seasons they have had in a very long time. Girl I pour a glass of wine and get my laughs every Sunday night. LOL.

      1. I might have to start watching because everybody keeps talking how good RHOA is and I’m just looking crazy because I have no idea what is going on lol

  3. Drag him Kandi. Please. Him and his wife annoy me in every scene they are in. Mynique should question everything her husband has ever told her because he apparently lies a lot.

  4. Chuck’s old a-s needs to sit down somewhere. He’s 44 years old reliving what he did in his young manwhore days. Pathetic!

  5. Chuck needs to learn that when the peen is the size of a baby carrot, there’s no way he should ever be running ’round calling himself the big homie”!

  6. there used to be a time when big tall man was synonymous with big homie man parts. with radiation and global warming, the peters are taking a real beating. lmao

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