Peter Thomas Addresses Critics Who Say He Isn’t Good Enough for Cynthia Bailey

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Peter Thomas may currently be the target of gossip considering Life & Style Magazine is claiming the husband to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey was allegedly getting flirty with a brunette at a party recently, but he’s still busy with his press rounds with the other husbands to respond just yet.

In a recent interview with Essence Magazine, Peter addresses the critics who feel he isn’t good enough for Cynthia. In fact, he says he reads it quite frequently on social media and he strongly disagrees:

“West Indian men have a certain way of being. And, if you don’t understand that, you’re probably confusing it. I read some of the comments and they’re like ‘Why are you with him?’ or ‘He must be beating her!’ They say some real mean things. My wife, she’s a strong person and she could only relate back to a strong man. I couldn’t see her marrying anyone else if he’s not a real stand up type of person. We shoot for hours and you probably see like 2.5 minutes on the actual show. And, probably because this is all sensationalized, you’re seeing the worst two and a half minutes we shot.”


  1. I’m totally lost. What does being West Indian have to do with threatening to cheat on your wife and flirting with another woman. Ugh Cynthia really should have listened to her mother and sister.

  2. I still can’t get over how boldly he told the world that he almost cheated on his wife when she was sick with fibroids. It’s hard for me to take him seriously after that.

  3. I’m cosigning with Gabriella and Hater. As a married woman, I look at this marriage and it just looks as if Peter doesn’t really respect Cynthia. He’s also very disrespectful to her. But it’s her marriage and she seems to be fine with his behavior.

  4. I am West Indian and I do agree with Peter…West Indian men ESPECIALLY Jamaican men are very “macho”…they have this persona so to speak that they are taught from kids…its a cultural thing. If you did not grow up around the culture it can come off as being very insensitive and brut-ish. But I can say Jamaican men love, fight and play HARD. However, comma, what he said about cheating on Cynthia…(insert sigh), was not cool. Honesty, I believe, what he was probably trying to convey was that he was missing the intimacy, but being macho… he said I was about to cheat (tacky). I really don’t think he had any intention whatsoever to cheat. I am sure many will not be agreeable to this point of view, but please, lets keep the disagreeing classy and mature. One Love.

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