Details Released About Kenya Moore’s New Boo & Cynthia Bailey’s Return to RHOA

Photo Credit: Bravo

Kenya Moore has been frustrated about her divorce from Marc Daly.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore thought her marriage would last forever. However, things just didn’t work out with Marc Daly. In fact, the appearances he did make on RHOA were extremely controversial. Some of the other peach holders felt like Kenya was a very different person when Marc was around. They believed she wasn’t as outspoken when he participated in group activities and outings. As for Kenya, she didn’t like that she wasn’t true to herself when Marc was in the picture. And she said that she wished she would have stood up for herself a lot more while they were together.

Ending the marriage hasn’t been a fast process for Kenya and Marc. In fact, Kenya has accused Marc of making their divorce difficult. She believes he has held up progress intentionally. Kenya also thinks some of the demands he’s been making as far as spousal support and custody have been unfair. At times, Kenya has been very stressed out about court matters. And she wishes that both she and Marc would have taken the necessary steps to make their split less controversial. In the meantime, Kenya will most likely continue to be transparent about how the divorce is going on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Kenya Moore has a new man in her life.

Interestingly enough, Kenya could show some of the new developments in her love life as well on the new season. According to blogger B Scott, Kenya has a new boo. And she reportedly met the man through friend of the show, Monyetta Shaw. According to B Scott, Kenya is currently dating a rich, white man. Things are going well, too.

Another interesting revelation made by B Scott involves former peach holder, Cynthia Bailey. Kenya and Cynthia are on much better terms after their fallout on “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” As we reported, Cynthia didn’t feel like Kenya had her back all that much while filming the spinoff show. So it resulted in some tense conversations between them. And eventually, the two women cooled off from their longtime friendship. However, Cynthia’s split from Mike Hill was the situation that brought them back together. Kenya confirmed this to Entertainment Tonight recently.

Well, B Scott claims Cynthia has been filming scenes for the upcoming season. And she’s been shooting scenes with Kenya and the rest of the group. So while she hasn’t signed on to be an official friend on the new episodes, fans will see her at some group events.



  1. I thought Cynthia left RHOA because they demoted her to a friend. Weird for her to accept a friend role now when it’s the reason why she quit. And I’m happy for Kenya. Marc was awful.

    1. You’re absolutely correct….that’s WHY she quit…she was demoted to friend and she didn’t want that so she quit and when her and Mike split she decided to come back…Kenya took a pay cut just to come back when she got fired last time……I guess she likes being on tv….

  2. I guess when you have bills to pay, you will be a friend, a foe, an acquaintance; anything to keep the money coming in.

  3. I’m glad Cynthia is back. She should have never left. I never liked Mike for her. He is a serial cheater and has way too many female friends.

  4. I would like for Kenya to be GONE, also I never like candy because she never checked her crazy mom for how she treated Tod, my mom would have been out of my life

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