Peter Thomas Claps Back at Cheating Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Life & Style Magazine claimed a source informed the publication that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas was spotted getting “flirty” with a brunette at a recent Golden Globes party.

The source also claimed that the woman twerked on Peter and he was even seen “nuzzling” her neck and had his hands around her waist while he spent most of the night with her.

But Peter is breaking his silence on the reports and he claims the woman he was dancing with was his own daughter.

He tweets:

peter thomas twitter


He even shut down the report on his Instagram account as well:

peter thomas claps back at cheating rumors

peter thomas claps back at cheating rumors 2


  1. Please tell me they were also lying about her twerking on him and Peter grabbing her waist and nuzzling her neck because…

  2. You can’t say you were thinking about cheating on your wife and then get upset when people actually expect you to cheat. LOL.

  3. Oh boy please. No one wants your marriage to fail. No one cares that much. We just think you told on yourself when you admitted you were seconds away from cheating on your wife while she was sick. YOU put that out there. But carry on.

  4. More comedy. I don’t understand ANY man who is publically completely honest with his feelings about anything in this day and age. He’s going to be vilified for it regardless how benign it is. Buzzwords and company line political correctness is my advice to EVERY man particularly when it comes to relationships.

  5. Cynthia was only “sick” with fibroids for a few months. It wasn’t some long ordeal that excuses Peter’s desire to go out and cheat on her. So for him to want to sleep with another woman after only not having sex for a few months shows he doesn’t understand the vows he agreed to. God forbid Cynthia gets sick with something else for a longer period of time and she’s not able to have sex. Then what? Will he cheat? Will he leave her? This man wanted to leave her after a few months. Clearly he’s not husband of the year. I mean he struggled to stay married after only a few months of fibroids issues. And honestly, people that live in Atlanta say he does cheat. So it’s not about him being dragged for being honest. It’s about him being a selfish husband that can’t hang in his marriage when things get rocky. He’s not marriage material. But a lot of men aren’t. Women too. People think marriage is all fun and games, but it’s hard work and it ain’t for the weak. If you want to cheat because your spouse is sick and loses their desire to have sex, you suck. I’m just glad my husband didn’t give up on me when I had my dark moment in life. Cynthia, I hope you don’t get sick again boo cause he will be out of there next time. And why the hell can’t he spell idiot right? Smh.

  6. Oh and Peter also said he came up with a plan and everything to take a trip and cheat. But the only reason he didn’t is because she got the surgery but he said if she didn’t get the surgery he was going to cheat and divorce her. What kind of mess is that? I swear marriage is such a big joke to most people. Smh.

  7. OohhhKay…so you nuzzled the neck of your DAUGHTER and also thought it was cute that you’re own flesh and blood was twerking on you? Good day sir!

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