Peter Thomas Says Kenya’s Assistant Brandon Hit Apollo First & Taunted Him

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As the backlash grows regarding the pretty outlandish fights that took place on the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the stars of the show are scrambling to point fingers and excuse themselves of taking any blame.

Kenya Moore recently called out NeNe Leakes for the drama and says NeNe orchestrated the whole thing because she’s jealous of her, while NeNe says Kenya should not have gotten up and charged at Natalie. NeNe also says the whole thing was set up by the producers and the scene was edited in Kenya’s favor.

Regardless, it’s clear Apollo Nida and Kenya’s assistant Brandon took things even further when they duked it out, but Peter Thomas says that it was actually Brandon who started the fight between him and Apollo.

In fact, Peter claims Brandon not only hit Apollo first but he even taunted him to fight. Peter tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine:

“Apollo [Nida] got up to help me hold Brandon back while Gregg [Leakes] and Todd [Tucker] took Christopher the other way, but Brandon was so aggressive and so hype that he accidentally hit Apollo and that’s what made Apollo flip.

“If I’m breaking up a fight and I accidentally get hit, I’m probably not going to react that way, but it wasn’t just the accidental hit.

“You can hear [Brandon] say, ‘Oh, you wanna fight, too?”


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  1. I told y’all yesterday that Brandon hit Apollo first and was trying way too hard to BE hard. In my opinion, he’s the one that started everything. Not NeNe and not Kenya. He made things escalate in a way that was unnecessary.

    1. I looked at that episode, again, and this is what I saw: Yes, I saw Kenya get out of her seat and walk towards Christopher’s girlfriend/ wife, or whatever. However, Christopher had gotten out his seat waylaying before Kenya did. Christopher grabbed Kenya by her arm. And that’s when Brandon got out of his seat. Brandon and Christopher were arguing when Peter got between the two, and pushed Brandon back. Apollo, out of nowhere, pushed Brandon down. And, I think we all know the rest. NeNe got mad with Kenya for getting out of her seat, but, she didn’t say anything to Christopher for getting out of his seat. All this talk about Kenya, and Brandon starting the fight is a bunch of bull. The physical fight started when Peter pushed Brandon. Apollo, knocked the man down. I feel that if Christopher hadn’t put his hand on Kenya, this fight would not have happened. If Brandon’s ribs were cracked, I would definitely file charges on Peter and Apollo.

    1. Me too because I didn’t see Brandon hit Apollo first but it was so much going on at the time that it’s possible most of us missed it. Either way, I don’t think Kenya is to blame. The men took things way too far.

  2. Kenya and her friend Brandon were way too extra but it appears NeNe will get most of the blame as usual considering Kenya is always the victim when it comes to this show. Meanwhile everyone else gets dragged and held responsible for Kenya’s actions.

  3. NeNe knew things would get messy, but Kenya and Brandon made everything worse. And it did look like Brandon hit Apollo but I couldn’t help but chuckle at how fast Apollo went off. Chile…

    1. Speaking of “chuckle”…did yall see how “Da Big Homie”, Chuck Smith was hiding BEHIND his wife in the corner! Bwahahahaha

      1. LOL! Girl I sure did! I could not contain my laughter when the cameras showed him looking like a little biotch just hoping Apollo wouldn’t remember how he said Phaedra was on his “team” back in the day. I think he realized then that him and his wife aren’t cut out for the show.

  4. I’m just going to state the obvious. So is no one going to point out the fact that Kenya and Brandon are the two biggest attention whores on the show this season? Let’s not forget those dry scenes in which they were twerking for camera time. Brandon knew it was his moment to become important and I’m sure he wants the role of the token gay man on the show since Dwight and Lawrence and co have basically been faded out. And that’s why he was so extra. Too bad it led to him getting thrashed by Apollo.

  5. It was so fast that we really couldn’t see everything that happened. I need to see the scene again so I can see if Brandon really did hit Apollo first. I do think it’s odd that Brandon has not filed a lawsuit yet and it happened in the summer…kind of like he knows he has no case.

  6. I knew it Brandon hit Apollo as he was slipping. I think he hit him to try to get him off of him. Brandon won’t have any case against Apollo he struck first and now an eyewitness account corroborates Apollo’s story. Brandon just need to take the L and keep it moving. This is what happens when you hang out with messy Kenya.

  7. I watched the scene again this morning. In my opinion, Brandon started everything. Kenya did get out her seat and there was no need because Natalie was in her seat and not trying to do anything more than talk, but Brandon was too turnt up and he also hit Apollo first. He is a messy person who wants a more secure spot on the show. But that’s my opinion.

  8. I hit rewind a couple times on that scene and I could not see Brandon hitting or even swinging at Apollo. Maybe it happened off camera or something. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode though.

  9. Bravo probably edited that part out. I came to the conclusion early on that Bravo is riding for Kenya. I won’t be surprised if they give NeNe the boot and make Kenya the new star. Think about it. According the rules of being on the show you have to have a man, Kenya got caught lying about Walter, and they still invited her back. She has no man now, and she’s still on the show now. And I don’t doubt that they edited that scene to make her look like a victim. And goodness don’t say you’re not a fan because Kenya and her fans will just swear you’re jealous of her good looks. I’ve never been this annoyed by anyone on the show. Smh.

    1. Kenya is an ugly pretty woman. And what I mean by that is she’s pretty but very ugly on the inside and that is the reason she has an empty life besides this show and her old pageant days. She has no female friends and it’s not because she’s pretty (I’ve seen prettier women with more fulfilling lives and a circle of friends). She has no man, and it’s not because they are intimidated by her good looks or success (she’s had a mediocre career since winning Miss USA). Her personality is just not all that. I had no idea before the show that she had such a b-tchy personality and I will say my whole opinion of her has changed drastically since she started RHOA.

  10. He did hit Apollo but it happened so quick that it’s easy to miss. But I’m sure Kenya and her fans will say it didn’t happen because I mean she is perfect and without fault even though she’s always in the middle of drama and starts most of it…*barfs*

  11. Ok what did I miss because they was pushing the hell out of Brandon..after a couple of pushes by not 1 but 2 people somebody would and should get the business! Rewind that scene back Peter and Apollo was way too aggressive! Ne-ne got the pot stirred up.. Natalie’s “husband” got up first and started confronting Kenya..although she could have stayed seated if someone is confronting me standing up by all means im getting on your level you never no what can happen when emotions is flying..Kenya needs to have several seats because she is not innocent and alot of the other ones are not either just foolishness

  12. Honestly I feel like the show has really gone downhill. I didn’t mind all the shade throwing and cattiness but now they are fighting? Man this is not a good look. I think some people are about to get fired and new faces will be announced in a few months.

  13. Well in my opinion if you’re trying to break up a fight it’s possible you will get hit and that’s a chance you take. I thought Peter was doing just fine with holding Brandon back. Apollo just wanted to get involved and flex a little muscle to take his frustration with his personal legal struggles out on anyone.

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