Peter Thomas Claps Back at Backlash from RHOP Fans + Talks Fallout with Wendy Osefo

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Peter Thomas has gotten himself involved in RHOP drama.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans have a lot to say about the recent episodes. Interestingly enough, Peter Thomas has gotten himself caught up in some of the drama. As we recently reported, things got really ugly between Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton. Mia planned a cast trip to Miami. And she got Peter to agree to have the ladies have dinner there on their first night. She described Peter as a close friend to her and Gordon Thornton. So she didn’t mind confronting Wendy after Peter said he had beef with her over a failed business deal. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband believes Wendy held up their Nigerian lounge collaboration.

It went left after Mia told Wendy that she should have checked in with Peter. And it was rude that she didn’t give him a heads-up about her trip to Miami. Wendy clapped back by saying that Eddie Osefo is the only man she checks in with about anything. She also said that she and Eddie don’t do things like Mia and Gordon.

Peter Thomas explained his failed business deal with Wendy Osefo.

Well, Mia took the comment as shade. So she threw her drink at Wendy. And as the night went on, Mia also hit Wendy with her purse. So Wendy felt violated. RHOP fans have also been dragging Mia for her actions. Interestingly enough, fans have also been calling out Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, and Peter as well. The green-eyed bandits have been slammed for siding with Mia when they condemned Monique Samuels’ assault on Candiace Dillard Bassett.

And when it comes to Peter, some RHOP fans just feel like it was messy for him to gossip about Wendy to Mia in the first place.

Interestingly enough, Peter addressed everything during an interview with Blogger Straight From the A.

And this is what he had to say about the business deal, “I said for the kind of restaurant that she wanted to do, it was gonna cost 1.5 million dollars just to build it from scratch. Okay? And for the percentage that I would offer to her, she would have to come up with at least 300 thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money for her.”

He continued, “You know what I’m saying? Something that she had to get her husband because they’re a team, would have to approve it. And for somebody that never did, never entered the game before, that’s a lot of money. So I wasn’t looking for her to come back at it unless they just have disposable income like that.”

The backlash from RHOP fans is silly to Peter Thomas.

Peter thinks Wendy just wasn’t being realistic, “But she thought she could build the type of restaurant that she was talking about in the neighborhood she was talking about and I was talking about for a little bit of money. No, it doesn’t work like that.”

He also clapped back at those who labeled his actions as messy.

“So when I talk to Wendy, you don’t think the producers go back and tell every cast member my conversation with Wendy? Of course, they did. Alright, it wasn’t off-camera. It was on camera, it’s a show. So to make the show entertaining, and to make it worthwhile, they showed both my establishments. I have to play ball.”

Peter added, “So stop acting like if y’all ain’t watching a ************* TV show.”

And he’s fed up, “I’m making a TV show. And y’all think this is some personal ****. It isn’t because none of us would be talking to each other.”


  1. Peter has always been a b—h. Peter and Mia were both wrong. It’s sad that a so called man could be shooting messy.. as far has Mia i would press charges against her.

    1. I completely agree! The whole situation was a embrassment for me as a black woman! There is no way anyone should have been treated the way Wendy was. Mia had motives from the beginning of the night! I would sue Mia until the ugly, freaky, crater face cows came home! Losing a few dollars 💰 is a great lesson teacher! I would sue Peter too if I could!

    2. Chargers can not be press against Mia, Candace already tried that and situation was far more complicated than Mia and Wendy, and you guys act as if this is not a reality show RHOP.

  2. RHOP fans and some of the cast members need to remember that this is a job not real life. Peter reiterated the same thing that Gizzy has been saying, it’s a job, it pays the bills and so take it as that – they wouldn’t be talking to each other if it wasn’t for the show.

  3. To me it doesn’t matter if it’s a show. Supposedly, it’s reality. 🤔. It’s clear by the dynamics and interactions that most of these people aren’t really friends off camera. They’re coworkers. However, character and integrity should be apart of your identity regardless to whether you’re on a TV show or not. If you’ll gossip and create drama on TV then you’ll do the same off. Peter has been known to get involved in women’s gossip in the past. He’s messy and that’s not a good look to be “beefing” with women. He should have stayed professional if he wants to have a professional persona. Whatever business he was doing with Wendy should’ve stayed between them.

  4. Peter, that makes no sense. Wendy had not gotten back to you, so you don’t know if she and her husband was going to go forward with the deal, and how do you know how much money she has?, also even in the episode where she explained the cost to her husband, and true they were not going to invest , but you didn’t know that yet, and remember when you first opened your first bar, you used Cynthia’s money. And I can’t believe that it would cost that much anyway…. there are too many of these reality stars opening restaurants

  5. Peter didn’t do anything wrong. Wendy hasn’t updated him on her decisio. At first I thought that Mia was trying too hard but I played the scene back and when Mia came back to the dinner table,, Gizelle asked Mia what was the convo about with Peter…and Mia answered. That’s that on that.

    1. What repay you watch she told them way before they got there it was all a set up to embarrass Wendy but it back fired on Mia and she was not there on business with Peter so he would have seen her anyway they were in his restaurant don’t you think they don’t like Wendy Robin said it herself

    2. If you were paying attention Wendy pulled out her phone and told pruducers she had gotten back with Peter and he actually owed her something.

      If he had beef he could have pulled Wendy yo the side, it still wasn’t Mia’s business and Peter is a messy a-s so call man.

  6. For All Married Men Question: Peter, stated on television how dare a Married Woman, comes to Miami, without letting him know?????????? Juan Dixon, or the other men on this show doesn’t find anything wrong with his comment, my husband would have an sat down with Peter man to man…

  7. All white cast on RHOB and Orange county, salt lake throw water, liquor and other drink when they are on their reality show, and no one comments, so Wendy fans are wrong for blowing up the all black cast members on RHOP. For doing the same as white cast members on Bravo. Both Wendy and Mia was wrong as black women doing the same a white cast members. Either are representatives of Black women. are allowing production to have them do the to get ratings and helping to build Wendy a storyline.

  8. Miss J, I understand what you’re saying, but there’s right, left, than the middle. Peter, had no right to Share that information with Mia, that’s not business, and for him to say it on national television. My husband would have reached out to him, let’s sit down and have a conversation regarding my wife.

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