Peter Thomas Still Blames Kenya Moore for Pillow Talk Fight & Defends NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While we await the second part of the Pillow Talk drama that led to the very first fight on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the stars of the reality show are still trying to point fingers.

Kenya Moore continues to claim her innocence and she has said on multiple occasions that she believes NeNe Leakes set her up for a huge disaster, and she thinks her friend Brandon DeShazer made the right choice in defending her.

However, the other cast mates don’t seem to agree and Peter Thomas even claimed that Brandon actually taunted and hit Apollo Nida first.

In a recent interview with Straight From the A, Peter says he still believes Kenya is responsible for how things popped off while NeNe was just trying to get people to put their issues with one another out in the open:

“I wouldn’t blame Nene cause she was doing what she supposed to do. She put it out and we gotta verbalize… it’s just with your mouth…

“Kenya has to take some responsibility for getting up and walking across the room to address that girl.

“Nene’s a hundred percent right. Her getting up to get in that girl’s face is what set everything off.”


  1. NeNe is not innocent. I honestly feel like several people were to blame that night. To blame one sole person (especially Kenya) for it is silly in my opinion.

  2. I agree that Kenya should take some responsibility for what happened that night. Chris stood up, she stood up…but he never walked towards her. She walked towards him and Natalie. That was unnecessary and caused everything to go left.

  3. I blame Apollo and Brandon. They are the only two who actually fought. Both should have calmed down and behaved like adults.

  4. Peter needs to shut the hell up. It doesn’t make sense to blame Kenya for the whole thing. She didn’t force anyone to fight. People need to be held responsible for their own actions.

  5. NeNe is not innocent but Kenya deserves MOST of the blame. Christopher stood up addressed her he never moved toward her. But Kenya wanna be bad azz started charging at his wife and he stopped her. She should have stayed sitting down.

  6. If you try to walk up on my wife (male or female), I will restrain you. Only a punk would allow that. Now if Chris would have punched her in the face or slapped her, then I could see her causing a big scene.

    1. Then Kandi’s reaction to Cynthia “all up in her face” was understandable, correct? Further, Kandi’s reaction towards Mal who shove her was understandable, correct? Of course you aren’t being bias in your perspective, or are you? SMH

      1. So I’m biased because you don’t agree with my opinion even though you have no facts to bring you to that conclusion. Got it! Again, I will defend my wife when I feel she’s in danger. Kind of like what Christopher did for Kenya. #shrugs

  7. Here’s my issue with trying to put all the blame on NeNe. Since the beginning of the show, it’s always been a point for there to be events so everyone on the show can meet up and film, correct? That’s not new. These people aren’t even friends in real life, but they have to spend some time together for the show. Even though it was messy for NeNe to invite Chris and Natalie, NeNe did not hold a gun to anyone’s head and force them to 1. fight, 2. show up in the first place. Everyone there made the choice to attend and they made the choice to react the way they did.

    The blame lies solely on Apollo and Brandon. Period.

  8. Well no one said anything to nene when she used to get all up in peoples face I guess she is a saint now and if you watch closely you will see Peters hand around brandons neck while Apollo kicked his butt they should’ve stayed out of the womens drama anyway Apollo should’ve been kickin chucks behind if anyone

  9. It’s just easier for everyone to blame Kenya because no one likes her. She’s a common enemy on the show so of course they’ll give her all the blame, but I don’t think she’s the one to blame here. Although Christopher stood up first (only to try to check Kenya because Natalie was over there yapping) Kenya remained seated until Natalie continued to talk sh*t. Christopher was standing right there so Kenya wasn’t getting far to hurt Natalie. BS!

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